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Latvia Age Debut: 28


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Photos with Camden

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RichC 11 months ago

Camden is certainly a pretty girl, but the girl next girl vibe of her face and poses really grabs me. Well done Camden and Nora!


billiyboy 12 months ago

I agree with your comments but I am sure that her lovely eyes are brown.


doggleboon 12 months ago

Look at #17 in high res. Not brown. Could be green, hazel or blue, but definitely not brown.


beetle 12 months ago

Camden, a girl with a nice, cute and friendly face, brown long hairs and blue magical eyes. Marvellous.
Perfect medium sized taut breasts. A plump moist pussy, and petite labia. Just genius.
Her buttocks are the finest art. Round and soft. And her anus is incredible smooth and so deep. OMG, if I could sink into that hole.
Long slender legs and tiny feet rounds the picture of a really appetizing girl.

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