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Latvia Age Debut: 24


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Photos with Camelia

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bepo 3 weeks ago

what an exciting girl!


gaetano maria 3 months ago

You are B E L L A


beetle 3 months ago

Angelic face, smooth, tender and lovely. Camelia is incredible erotic and seductive. My heart beats of sexuell desire, when I see this girl.
Beside the face, the small handsome breasts are extremly sexy for me. One breast exactly handfull for one hand. Really the right size.
The butt, a real fullmoon, is taut and perfect shaped with a small round and smooth anus.
Juicy and plump, a perfect pussy. Great nicely wrinkled labia, made for sucking and licking with my hungry tongue.
Camelia will be a superstar, I am sure about that.


Nick101 3 months ago

Great creamy pussy first set - fabulous - lets see more excitement like this in future.


Bearcatt 3 months ago

Camelia is a wonderful new addition to MetArt. She is lovely. I would love to see her in an elegant indoor setting also. Camelia darling, thanks for being there.


Ameno 3 months agoLifetime member

Oh my God, she is an angel ♡