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Camilla Stan

Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Shydog 1 week ago

Camilla looks like my girlfriend in college. When I first knew her, we were talking and somehow got on the subject of rape. (at the time, there was a big rape trial going on) She said she thought it would be exciting to get raped by a friend. I said, "I'll be your Huckleberry". An hour later I was raping the bejusus out of her. It was no-holds-barred! She could do everything. Deepthroat, buttfucking, rimming. In the end, the hottest thing was just fucking like lovers. Hot, wet, naked sexual intercourse. I blew a supercharged load right up her pussy, no condom! Then I pulled my dick out and pissed all over her! Just to emphasize that I had raped her, I made her clean up the mess. And it was one hell of a mess! I'd love to do all of that and more to Camilla!


tassieoz 1 month ago

more ! more ! more !


Starfire 3 months ago

Beautiful girl.
Request more ASAP.


beetle 3 months ago

Blond, blue eyes and a pretty face - and most of us are already in love. So also with Camilla Stan, which has to offer exactly that.
Add to that a beautiful slender body with big soft and white breasts and long slender legs. Now the last of us is thrilled.
If then the butt is still firm and tight and the pussy plump and wet, then this woman is a dream woman. A future top model and a candidate for 10 points.