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Candice Lauren

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Candice Lauren

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Art lover 1 2 months ago

Normally I support Matiss but this is not his best work. Cloe up over used, lack of head to toe photos. The girl has a great figure but she was not shown properly.


Nebelfrost 7 months ago

Please bring her back, Matiss! Please don't let this beautiful dream girl be a one-hit wonder! She's a real blonde bombshell and we wanna see more of her. More photo sets and a video clip, too!


Jim531 8 months ago

She is wonderful. Please more.


Bearcatt 11 months ago

Please make a movie of this exciting, sexy and beautiful girl. Thank you.


Jim531 8 months ago

Totally agree


Bowser1514 11 months ago

Are those tits real or silicon?


5Ton 1 year ago

Perhaps the most magnificent tits I have ever seen.


Judge 1 year ago

I do hope we'll be seeing more of Candice.


YallBinZapped 1 year ago

Absolutely phenomenal set. I hope it's the first of many!


RoxiFan3k 1 year ago

This gal is a total doll. Nuff said.


beetle 1 year ago

Absolute Boobies alarm.
Candice Lauren has realy wood in the front of the cottage, as we say, when a girl has nice big breasts. But Candice has much more to offer, then these sensational breasts.
Great swollen nipples. Round firm butt and luscious pussy. A friendly smooth face with a small smile. So pretty.
Long slender legs and delicate, sexy feet. Perfect to lick them and to sniff at them.


Rubycon 1 year ago

Dude. Like I wrote a few weeks ago, the return of the real blonde bombshells is unstoppable :)

(Da hat man wenigstens was zum Anfassen!)


Fozzinsky 1 year ago

Love at first sight. Candice is an instant fave babe!!