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I have never liked these water effects shots. I presume the photographers think that they are artistic and beautiful. I think the photographers should practise this stuff on their own time and send the results to an art museum. They have no place on this site!

Why does she do boring shots for Met-Art and such great open beauty for Sex-Art? Luca has chosen boring sets, and boring positions for an exciting model who just looks boring in this shoot. This makes me sad.

36: Stop the chop!
(Very nice trim, though)

I like Candice's darker features and long leggy figure. It has been a few months since her beauty graced our screens. I agree with Rock, it was all good until the water got turned on. Thankfully, there was enough of her without obscuring water spray to call it a decent set.

Candice looks great as always. Great set until the water got turned on!!

Amen, brother.

I love a lady in (and out of) a towel. The fact that this turns into a bath set is a bonus.

Why photography was invented.

Now that's a wet pussy!

And an "obscured view" of that beautiful wet pussy!!! NOT COOL!!
It was going great until that!! I find myself wishing for a global water shortage and it's use strictly reserved for sustaining life! I see it's use in "erotic photography" as being abused and overdone in a vast majority of cases. When the "artistic" interferes with the "erotic", it just doesn't work for me.

Water Shortage? They just discovered a huge ocean of water about 250 miles below the surface of the earth. Hopefully they won't find a way to tap into it during my time. Candice would indeed 'rain supreme' without the water in this set.

I just heard that also... I'm quite sure that it won't take long for some fools to start screwing around and collapse the earth's crust! LMAO!!

another amen.

Edible cookie!

Too good for a tag.

Candice is very teasing wrapped in blue towel before we get to feast her beautiful naked body.

Photographers often complaint they´re too busy, stressed or something,but
I wouldn´t mind to do their job sometimes

The seller

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