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I love her ass it s made for anal sex....

I love seeing beautiful girls full nude so that I can appreciate them as nature intended, but having said that you couldn't take a better photo of a girl in her bra and panties than picture #8.

In the beginning there was Andrea,
now we are enthralled with Caprice.
Met-Art, keep up the good work.
Many thanx...

Caprice is as lovely as she is sexy. Near perfect breasts with absolutely lovely nipples. Her breasts alone are enough to make you want her badly. But her pussy is simply stunning and she displays it incredibly well. She knows just how to spread her legs to show off her lovely womanhood to its very best. She a lovely asshole to go with that gorgeous pussy. Caprice is definitely a woman who will keep you rock hard and wanting to come back to her again and again for more of her lovely sex. Outstanding!

I crave full body pics of Caprice, because the more I see of her the better. However, I am pleased and lucky to see any pics. Thank you metart, Caprice and Luca.

I had the privilege and luck to shoot with Caprice a few weeks ago, both for Metart and for Sexart, and I can't help agreeing with all the positive comments about her. Of course the "aesthetic" qualities of Caprice are evident and there is no need to further underline the beauty and perfection of her face and body, so I would like to take advantage of this great set by Luca Helios to highlight her very high professional attitude and nice human qualities I could personally appreciate during our session. I don't know how she was like at the time of her debut in the erotic/porn industry, I guess like any 18 yo unexperienced girl, but I can say that now, as a grown up girl and a professional model, she is a very nice person to work with, who makes the shooting smooth, easy and rewarding, always looking comfortable and professional in front of the camera. She also gave me the impression of a down-to-earth girl, despite her status of "top", and I enjoyed a pleasant chat about everyday life (holidays, pets, food, travels) during our breaks. I am really looking forward to having all her fans (me included) admire her in my (and all other artists') upcoming works here, wishing to shoot together again soon!

I'm excited to see your Caprice sets deltagamma, I'm sure they'll be awesome. And it's good to hear that this lovely lady is a true professional and you enjoyed the work with her. You're a lucky guy that's for sure, Caprice and the other ladies you work with are all fantastic and gorgeous models and we're very fortunate to be able to enjoy your quality sets here and on SexArt. So I'm looking forward to your Caprice pictures, I hope they'll appear in the very near future. :)

Thank you Arthur, I do feel lucky to work with such models, but also honored to be here on Metart and on Sexart and very pleased to have such nice interaction with passionate viewers like you. I hope it won't be long before you enjoy my next works with Caprice and the other wonderful young girls next to come ;)

i love this lady. i desire every piece of her hot gorgeous body. is she still single??

She is stunningly beautiful, her face as well as all her erotic parts are just to die for. Very nice photography, what more can I say?

Here goes one of my long winded post again. I have several points to make after reading her "general" posts under just Caprice.

1. Our Caprice today is removed from "Little Caprice" days. She grew up... One of the problems with "porn" is that once it is there it is always there. But any comparison is ridiculous.

2. I can't remember if for the Met family she appeared her or on Erro's site first but on his site and Met-Art she almost immediately became a Top Ten.

3. Her 1st set in the top ten was in Jan 2010, she stayed there until Jan of this year. That is 24 strait months.

4. Caprice still has "sex" on camera, but now it is on one of our family sites "SEX-ART", and she is highly rated there also.

5. APF was a great comparison. As Piper Fawn she always did explicit sex. We only saw her as Ariel. Now that she is a producer over on Sex-Art, and in my opinion one of there best, she acknowledges her past and all her sets now are listed as Ariel Piper Fawn. These ladies can evolve.

6. Met Art strives to give us the best looking models in the world and has a strict set of rules on how they portray themselves here. Caprice qualifies as one of the best looking models in the world. Think what we would have "missed" if she hadn't been used because the past work she did.

7. For all the reasons above is why I am lobbying for a "Hall of Fame" status and Caprice is one of the models that belong there. As does APF.

8. As Ry and I went through a couple of days ago. These girls are real people and deserve to be respected for what they give us here. They "owe" us nothing more. Our likes and dislikes about their looks and how a set was put together are totally valid, and are for each of us "opinions" and fair game. Their private lives, or other "work" are not.

9. If you viewed her (Caprice or any other Model) here you paid to do it. If your unhappy with what Met offers then drop it. Ther is no need to show your bias/ignorance by "trashing" the model about something other than the way she looks. As Ry points out Met is a step up for many of the them, and according to him a lot of them read the comments. Don't insult them with hurtful comments.

10. Fianally, today's set is Caprice at her best. Well shot and, as always, stunning. I defy you to find a "bad" set of her. Hell, her head shots at the end are just a memorable as the "explicit" ones earlier. But since this is Met-Art G. gives us both. Great work on both parts.

Your "lawyer" is showing...lol ;o) A fine dissertation!!

justin bieber took a break from porn to visit met...how classy of him!

I'm not a huge fan of Caprice (and I'm definitely part of a very small minority with this view).....but in no way is Caprice anything other than a beautiful woman. She has a fabulous body.

Sorry, don't understand this one.

Don't try....he's an idiot. He compares Caprice's looks to some
'online sensation of a punk "singer"... He obviously has a seeing-eye dog...;o)

excellent work for a gorgeous model and a good photographer

Fantastic work, Caprice and Luca Helios!

Smokin' sexuality in a soft, comfy setting.

Just fantastic.

Exceptional girl, nice setting, low expectations of 'artist'=no disappointment.

THE most beautiful on the site... Luca, you are the MAN. You never disappoint me !!!

She looks beautiful, and lovely. And her hair is amazing.

One of the most beautiful faces in the world. Can't lose with this model.

I can understand the 'dislike' of Caprice because of her work outside of Met-Network. She's done some really low quality hardcore stuff, and it's just disappointing because well, obviously we care about her and want to look out for her, and her best interests. It's just a difficult thing to comprehend, especially if you're not a porn person. But I put this too you, these days Caprice is only working with her real-life boyfriend, and is only prepared to work with her real-life boyfriend. I personally think that's a credit to her integrity and her respect for him, as well as her own beauty... and I think it's to be admired. [This statement doesn't take into account her continued work with women, because I, and a lot of straight women in the industry (Ariel Piper Fawn and Malena Morgan, just to give 2 well-known examples) don't consider this a 'tarnish' to that integrity, respect and beauty]. Additionally, the 'porn' that she is producing is... well... not what I would consider porn, but very beautiful, high-quality erotica, especially her work with SexArt.

Now, for the set. Caprice is absolutely gorgeous, as always. In my opinion, a beautiful girl like her could never generate a bad photoset. It's even better when it's a good photoset, and that's exactly what I believe this is. Location is simple is gorgeous. Lighting is gorgeous. I did think that poses were slightly limited, and that certain ordinal shots were very similar to each other, but that would be my only criticism (even then, those shots are still beautiful). I really liked Caprice's hair and make-up, and I absolutely loved her lingerie, its stunning. Overall a fantastic set, thank you Caprice and Luca.

I'm not a fan of hardcore but it's really none of my business what any of these models do (or have done) in life.

This whole site is about fantasy. It's highly unlikely that even one of us will ever meet any of these models in person.
Met Art is all about admiring a woman for her beauty and/or fantasizing about her in an intimate way.

If a woman is beautiful, I'll admire for that (and leave it at that)....anything else is none of my business.

Well said Negam.

Oh and thank you for the close-ups. It's nice to see Caprice's gorgeous face on full display. A women's face is always her prettiest feature in my opinion.

It's obvious that the artist shares your fascination with her face! It's the focus of ANY shot that it appears in, regardless of whatever else may dominate the frame!

WOW, Caprice looks amazing with a little more weight to her. Simply amazing, might also be a bit of growing up here as well, there's a certain change in her features, a maturation if you will.

Saw it a few times with Models I've worked with stateside, see them at 19 and then work with them again at 23 and it's a stunning improvement, girl to woman.

Nice Set overall, and yeah, caprice looks amazing, porn hasn't taken too much out of her.

Agreed. This is maybe the best I've seen her. perfect location choice as well. Beautiful girl. amazing body. sensual poses. very arousing set. Thanks for sharing your self with us Caprice.

Caprice is always lovely, always welcome.



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