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Cara Mell

Ukraine Age Debut: 23


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Stockings lover 1 month ago



xlander 6 months ago

Does this model have any pre boob job sets anywhere? I just wider how pretty she was before the hardened pressurized look.

Still amazing looking I just wonder how it used to be.


Beaming 7 months ago

Such an utterly beautiful woman, perfection personified. Captivating looks with a delicious sweet smile. Superb.


metlover 8 months ago

The first mistake is Cara Mell, sounds like a porn name. Beautiful model, great body, but I am not a fan of the chiseled man jaw, femininity is lost, much like a female body builder. And like a lot of models who come and go really fast, she is on way too many sites too often.


Nick101 12 months ago

Great model. Beautiful, great figure, wonderful breasts and brilliant pussy that she opens up in such a nice way - does she do this in each set? I better check. Brilliant.


Arkie 2 1 year ago

So damn flirty at times. However, if she has only 32" hips well... someone screwed up badly in measuring.


Lots2admire 1 year ago

Pornstar looks- Yikes!


EdPowersII 1 year ago

This woman is 99% the complete package. Love her beautiful face, gorgeous legs, and damn.... her curves. Curves are totally awesome. This is a real woman. Those flared hips, gorgeous legs, and beautiful face make me swoon. I can live with the boob job, especially considering this gorgeous girl's other qualities. Damn if I was 20 years younger. :) More of her please. Also, check out her latest on Sex Art. Shot very excellent to bring out her gorgeous features.


jaysay 1 year ago

with a name like that she has to be from LA


Lots2admire 2 years ago

Not my cup o' java..........................


alfredbutler 2 years ago

worth the admission alone!


Mac D 2 years ago

I think she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, what gorgeous face and very becoming smile, more of this doll please!


Woppahead 2 years ago

Stunning. Perfect derriere. Cant understand why she isnt rating well in to the nines.


Asterion 2 years ago

Cara Mell is a delicious ukrainian caramel


Smokystone1 2 years agoLifetime member

This is one of the TOP models from MA. I whish so much more sets and vidoes from her.


Johnnyquest 2 years ago

A woman! Yay! I would like to have seen her before the breast augmentation, but wth. She's also allowed to eat crackers in bed.


cjsolx 1 year ago

So just because they're perfect, they're automatically fake. Cara Mell should be flattered, I guess. But if you continue to have doubts, I'd suggest watching her MetArtX vids. They're incredible.


Yerff 4 months ago

Hmm, well I don't have MetArtX, although I did watch her video here. Anyway I can't decide; either they are indeed real, or her surgeon did a very nice and discreet job (just like her tattoo artist).

I love the sun bleached hair on her arms and body, very real, nothing fake there.


mchltxxx 2 years ago

Beautiful sex woman! I hope she gets a better photographer that will better represent her unique beauty.


bikeman4 2 years ago

Open air beauty. Cara is absolutely stunning & can't wait to see her back in the bedroom..!


beetle 2 years ago

Absolute adorable, I am thrilled by this cute young lady.
The purity and tenderness of Cara Mell are impressive. The body is at its best. The angelic face, slim body. Everything is for caressing.
I am in love with that new divine Modell.


Arimein 2 years ago

Wow, Cara Mell, I think you stole my heart when I saw your first photo. And my friends keep asking me why I am always rambling about Ukrainian women's incredible beauty.

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