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One of the best sets I've seen in my life

looks that appear too be anchored in feminine resolve . quite a lovely looker .

Caralyn has become my no. 1 current favorite here. She is amazingly gorgeous, and she genuinely seems to love showing herself off to the camera. It's her smile and comfort , even joy, in what she is doing. Chekcers mentions confidence and how that engenders sexiness. Absolutely right! It pushes her natural beauty right over the top!

Sp, maybe it's time for her to advance to doing some solo vids, or maybe even a GG scene? If there were any way to her to get together with, say, Barbara Vie,, on , say, Sex Art. then that would be cause for great celebration. Barbara has already done some amazing solo films. And she seems ripe for something more. Team them up? Please!

All amazing!
A "dream girl" in every detail (I'm dying for those little nipples..) and excellent photography.

A great gallery to start the new year!! Justed the two first shots are a feast for the eyes and would harden any red-blooded male. The rest of the set mind-blowing. Thank you for this sex-goddess and her alluring beauty.

To say this girl is fine is a tremendous understatement. Everything about her is top-notch. She has it all, face body, sex appeal in every way. And what an incredible pussy and ass.
It couldn't be as good as it looks.....it would kill you.

Caralyn you are so sexy and inviting! very cute… bueatifull face… I love your natural and special labia. I love you sensuality my favorite picts: 33 and 72. thank you!

Mercy, mercy, mercy on me please! Caralyn and Fabrice connect with this set.

Caralyn and Fabrice have scored a 10 to infinity from the opening shot. K has proven once again that she is "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" For you clods that don't read French that's the beautiful lady without mercy.

And subject of both poems and paintings.

On behalf of the great unwashed horde of the "clods" of the world, we extend our most obsequious thanks and beg your most humble forgiveness for being just commoners. Go type that into Garble Translate and see what it spits out like in French.

Au nom de la grande horde non lavée des «mottes» du monde, nous adressons nos remerciements les plus obséquieux et demandons votre plus humble pardon d'être simplement des roturiers.

P.S. The old time knights used to stick a knife with the same name through the eye slits of an enemies helmet

Gotta love a girl who has dimples when she smiles.

That long, lush hair, beautiful face, perfectly shapes breasts, flawless pale skin.... exquisite.


All I can say is WOW, as I pick up my chin from the ground. Caralyn is gorgeous from head to toe!

I suspect she has considerable anal experience.

Now wouldn't it be nice to know the answer......?! 8)

It would indeed .I think she should be questioned on the subject.

i would be so happy just for her just to let me lick her butt

I think there would be a long queue for this honor from the members here on MA. NO I know there would be a long queue, and I for one would like to be first in line! 8)

Both of you: TMI !!

Beautiful girl, sure do love all those rear views especially 35-40 when she is lying on her side in spoon position

If there's ever been a better example of how confidence is sexy, I sure can't think of one at the moment. Caralyn clearly is proud of what she's putting on display, and it shows in her expressions and poses. Every time she appears.

Damn, she's a wonder. An all-time favorite.

Alluring face, arousing poses and an outstanding bottom. What a package!

Come back often, Caralyn.

  • dfgd
  • 6 months ago:

Loath those goofy necklaces.

I'd like to give her a pearl necklace.

Neck... wha...? There were necklaces?

Caralyn projects an amazing sexual aurora in all of her sets and her petite and beautifully proportioned body is so arousing. For some reason today from the wealth of really sexy rear views, or those that feature her bum, I have an overwhelming desire to gently spank her delicious bottom. 8)

Many, many nice posing and a sweet smile. More photo sets please!

Wow! What a beautiful woman she is. Speechlessly viewed her images.

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