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Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Caramel

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Mono 8 months agoLifetime member

She's perfect. I hope we get the chance to see her again soon.


Eharasan 10 months ago

It has been several months since Caramel's last set, I hope she's planning on coming back!


Vail71 1 year ago

very, very, attractive model. for me, though , she falls into the teaser, not pleaser group. Maybe a different photographer could help with this ?


Nick102 1 year ago

Could not agree more.


Excellence Above 1 year ago

Caramel is a goddess, but the photographer couldn't take pictures in a prison or a high school. The photos are dull and repetitive every single time. Almost no close-up of the love box. Many with her clothes on and others so far away, I need a magnifying glass to see anything. The lighting is poor as well. If this photographer took all of the pictures at Met Art, I would close up shop and never ever come back.


Beauty_My_Way 1 year ago

Need pussy close ups!!


Erotic art expert. 1 year ago

The girl is perfect. Period. 'nough said.
Talking about the photographer's work might be much longer. First: all photos are made with the concept of the right composition. In all sets we find a good ratio between distant and close taking.
Second: we found various posing, unlike many photographers who produce pix with sitting only (or laying only) models.
To be honest, some authors are so repetitive and predictable, they make so monotonous works that the viewers are feeling like to barf when "enjoying" their work. Pity the webmaster doesn't look interested to overcome that problem.
CONS: the color is unnatural in many pix. The girl's skin looks like made of grey paper. I recommend Paromov to resolve this issue.


Barnie 2 years agoLifetime member

So very very beautiful gorgeous


RodanV 2 years ago

Caramel, you are an absolute beauty! I look at you and see perfection, true perfection! I wonder if you'd consider living in California?
Ah, who am I kidding, I'll just have to lust for you from afar.


Kess 2 years ago

Amazing model! Hope to see more!


Beauty_My_Way 2 years ago

Need better close up shoots of that sweet pussy!!

get them, and from many, many different angles and positions!!


Barnie 2 years agoLifetime member

she , got to be one of the sweetest little package absolutely gorgeous beautiful lovely


Larry B 2 years ago

Absolute perfection!!!


Onig 2 years agoLifetime member

Does anyone else get a little Ivanka vibe from her?


krish 2 years ago

Her pussy just wow


Nick101 2 years ago

Great model. I think we need to see those labia nicely opened though.


Doodaq 2 years ago

Caramel s soft, sweet candy. I love the stuff and cannot get enough. That about summarizes what I think of the lovely Caramel. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful body ;-)


Rockerection 2 years ago

Wow! I would never have thought young women could get this beautiful. But I was wrong! Welcome to Met Art Caramel, I look forward to seeing you here again soon. 😍


beetle 2 years ago

Caramel is a sweet girl. As her name already expresses it!
Brown wavy hair. Blue eyes. Angelic face. And already she has won my heart.
But there is much more besides: An adorable sexy body. Slim and curved and feminine in the right places.
Juicy, firm medium-sized breasts with cute nipples. They stand like a 1, firm and upright!
A tight butt and a luscious pussy.
Caramel is a perfect girl.


Rubycon 2 years ago

I think we agree that we definitely need more Caramel here ;-)

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