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Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Caramel

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Barnie 3 weeks agoLifetime member

So very very beautiful gorgeous


RodanV 1 month ago

Caramel, you are an absolute beauty! I look at you and see perfection, true perfection! I wonder if you'd consider living in California?
Ah, who am I kidding, I'll just have to lust for you from afar.


Kess 3 months ago

Amazing model! Hope to see more!


Beauty_My_Way 4 months ago

Need better close up shoots of that sweet pussy!!

get them, and from many, many different angles and positions!!


Barnie 4 months agoLifetime member

she , got to be one of the sweetest little package absolutely gorgeous beautiful lovely


Larry B 5 months ago

Absolute perfection!!!


Onig 5 months agoLifetime member

Does anyone else get a little Ivanka vibe from her?


Hirundo 5 months ago

Yes I do, but not the present day Ivanka...


rockdepp 6 months ago

Her pussy just wow


Nick101 6 months ago

Great model. I think we need to see those labia nicely opened though.


Doodaq 7 months ago

Caramel s soft, sweet candy. I love the stuff and cannot get enough. That about summarizes what I think of the lovely Caramel. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful body ;-)


Rockerection 7 months ago

Wow! I would never have thought young women could get this beautiful. But I was wrong! Welcome to Met Art Caramel, I look forward to seeing you here again soon. 😍


beetle 7 months ago

Caramel is a sweet girl. As her name already expresses it!
Brown wavy hair. Blue eyes. Angelic face. And already she has won my heart.
But there is much more besides: An adorable sexy body. Slim and curved and feminine in the right places.
Juicy, firm medium-sized breasts with cute nipples. They stand like a 1, firm and upright!
A tight butt and a luscious pussy.
Caramel is a perfect girl.


Rubycon 6 months ago

I think we agree that we definitely need more Caramel here ;-)

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