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Carolina Sweets

United States Age Debut: 21


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hemanloverboy 2 months ago

Carolina Sweets is adorable. I wish there was a film with her.


Schubith 5 months ago

8 months without a new set ! Did she left the nice and sweet Charles Lightfoot style to go back for good to hardcore ? What a pity if she did ; she made it right in my top 5 on MetArt. Love that girl.


ArtCurator 6 months ago

What a Baby Doll !!!


Nick101 1 year ago

A lovely model for sure - but it's a crime to not open those lovely labia for us all, for her too - it's a great pussy, lets see it properly.


FavMan69-Ross 1 year ago

Carolina Sweets is sooo adorable. I love her and her perfect body. Please MORE of this beauty.


1967DEWR 1 year ago

What a absolutely gorgeous woman she is and wow she is so perfect everything on her wow. A Out of this world this gorgeous sexy babe


risendragonborn 1 year ago

Super cute and super sexy a definite sweet treat for the eyes


mcbinc 1 year ago

Carolina Sweets, that name is as phony as a $3.00 bill.


Fred Jones 11 months ago

Ummmm HELLO, you're not using your real name, either, so don't rip a model if she doesn't use hers.


doggleboon 1 year ago

The term you're looking for is stage name and I don't know why you're surprised. I doubt if there's a single model here using her real name.


James G 1 year ago

Lovely, sweet face. Nice set. Would love to see the socks come off though.

But still, nice work by Lightfoot. More please.


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

Sweets for dessert yummy


Smokystone1 1 year agoLifetime member

The name is program - sweet girl. We can not get enough of that.


FavMan69-Ross 1 year ago

Carolina Sweets is beautiful and I love the pictorial. Must see more of Carolina.


beetle 1 year ago

Cream cake. Yes a real creamy pie is Carolina Sweets.
I think, she is one of my new favorite. The face of an angel. The breasts perfect sized and slightly pendulous. But still soft and delicious.
The butt with the small seductive anus is tight and bulging. Exactly the right one for me.
The pussy swollen and wet. The labia, big erotic and perfectly wrinkled. Ideal to take them in my mouth and to suck the wings with my tongue.
The legs are long and slim with small cute ankles. A girl to love and to eat up.


Spargel2016 1 year ago

Nice Girl
I loock for Movies


Schubith 1 year ago

Oh you can find numerous small videos in which she stars on the net, some of them even too hardcore for my taste. In the vids she has a tattoo on the left thigh, but it's definitively her. I was a little disapointed because I'm not into really hard porn, that's why I'm a MetArt member, and in this first set Carolina looks so sweet and, well, innocent I guess, but she's not, no sir, not a bit 🙂

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