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Ukraine Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Carrie

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HCP1 1 year ago

More sets please !!!


tyler 1 year ago

I am an avid fan of the wondrous pornography that Met-Art has to offer but the quality of the shots of this girl and the fact that she is naked in 98% of the 2nd set and 100% nude in the first set is just amazing. Her ass, pussy, tits are just absolutely fantastic. There is no question that when i come here and look at her to do what i come here to do, i will get off every time. Keep up the great work and keep doing porn, Carrie.


Ngula 1 year ago

Hardly pornography! This is ART at its finest


Willx 1 year ago

Lovely to see the stockings stay on for a change! Very nice set


mchltxxx 2 years ago

Beautiful exciting lady, but photographer can't seem to focus the camera


beetle 2 years ago

A real darling. So soft, tender and innocent.
Carrie has a nice face with long brown curly hair and brown eyes. To fall in love.
The breasts are rather small and have nicely dark nipples. The round butt is tight. The pussy and the labia are small, tender and pink. They act mysterious and sexy. The legs are long and slender and the tiny feet well formed and soft.
Carrie is indeed a real darling.


TomMan70 2 years ago

A beautiful young woman with a great body.Hope Carrie has many more photo sets to come.