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Cartier A

New Zealand Age Debut: 23


Member Rating based on 2633 ratings

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superspicy 3 months ago

Just that look on the cover of Aktivas shatters the walls of my castle. Eyes, for women, it is all in the eyes — Cartier knows this. She does not trifle like some other girls, she is a woman who understands the power of 'the look'. I love that ferocity.

God bless you Cartier!


ocram 4 years ago

how is it possible that she has only a 7 rating?


Brooks 4 years ago

I agree. I am completely puzzled by Cartier's low rating??? She has a pretty face and a very nice toned body....what's not to like about her???
I've been a fan of her since I first saw her. IMO, she is a gorgeous woman.


ocram 4 years ago

this is one of the most amazing women i have ever seen, she is nothing less than gorgeous.

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