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Catie Parker

United States Age Debut: 19


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P P Rubbens 12 months ago

She moves like a lady, happily a naughty lady.


foofslou 3 years ago

I have seen her someplace else but of course here at Met Art you can not beat the view. Let's see more in the near future. Wonderful pussy and scrumptious titties. A combo that makes the mouth water. After all the gorgeous babes from the East- esp the Czechmates- it is nice to see some sweets from the West. Thanks guys- Met art and Holly the Marvelous.


jmp8545 3 years ago

Hip, hip Hooray for the U.S.A.


MarkusluvSofi 5 years ago

Alreasdy a movie on her second update, that's what I like to see for any model.


RedPilot 5 years ago

hipshot is right, Catie is a cutie with great potential. Perfect tits and delicious-looking labia (with a slight hint of lubrication, mmmm) will arouse any man. A bit stingy on the close-ups, would have liked to see more of that, but a solid first presentation- kudos to Catie and Holly.


hipshot131 5 years ago

Made in the USA! Catie is cute and fresh looking with a great smile. Nice skin and a good solid body. A little slow getting the clothes off and maybe a bit shy but nice just the same. She has a nice mound, lovely labia and nicely trimmed.

Holly, a bit repetitive. I counted two or three sections where it was the same pose for 6 or more duplicate shots without the model moving. Overall photo quality was good with nice lighting and sharp focus. You just need to mix it up a bit more. I realize it's a new model and she isn't very experienced but that's where you take charge and guide her.

Over all it is a pleasant set and it does leave room for better sets down the line.