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Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Chanice

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Marcello 3 years ago

K, is there any chance Chanice will be back for another set? thank you.

3 years ago

Hi Marcello,

Unfortunately I do not think so :/ I did ask Catherine and at this time we are not expecting any further galleries with Chanice.


Marcello 3 years ago

Ok. Sad news!! She is so beautiful. Thanks for the reply K! :(


6.5x55SwM 4 years ago

It is with very good measure, that Catherine has captured by her photography a most admoriable display of womanhood, Chanice.
Chanice, woman of delight is she. A radient display of herself. Brings lust, excuse me, admiration for such fine art. As only Met-Art can accomplish.
Let us hope there will be a season of Chanice, time will tell....


woodchuck 4 years ago

What a graceful, natural beauty is Chanice! Her face alone is enough to send me into orbit. A classic, natural beauty, she exudes grace, charm, even sophistication. But in a simple, elegant way. She's an instant favorite par excellance. I'm in love. Chanice, you are a uniquely beautiful and special young lady!