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Russian Federation Age Debut: 22


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lastoftheV8s 3 months ago

Personally I think that Charlize has a very appealing face. I mean her body is outstanding too but to me what stands out most is her face more of a traditional Russian Slavic cheeks and jawline and less of a European one.


jeffd 6 months ago

Id like to see a outdoor set or two with this girl.


Jimbo91604 6 months ago

Everybody's different. I'm more of a tits fan, myself. I liked the new set.


Biker13 6 months ago

A welcome return after a long hiatus but a big step backward from her last 2 shoots where she really opened her pussy and engaged more. She looks stunning and has those remarkable tits but I just need her to open that beautiful, plump lipped pussy like she used to.


lastoftheV8s 6 months ago

Very excited to see that she has set coming out on the 28th. Finally after nearly a year and I hope she becomes a regular.


SpaceCat 10 months ago

Charlize, you are certainly one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. A simple kiss on the cheek with those luscious lips would send me to nirvana.

Please, please bring her back again soon, MetArt.


Dkscore 1 year ago

Beautiful full lips and beautiful full breasts in one beautiful model - unmatched.


lastoftheV8s 1 year ago

The supple embrace that her lips could surround you with....laser beams in the brain.


nman2233 1 year ago

Its interesting how this model opens wide in Temiro, and not in her other sets. I guess she needs to be in the mood.


GardeelRajunk 1 year ago

Yes, quite similar, but I like the arrangement starting with clothing and shoes, taken off later. That sould be the way more often (except beach sessions, of course).


Erotic art expert. 2 years ago

LACK of variety in all her sets. The girl is perfect though.


Nebelfrost 2 years ago

Matiss, please make a video clip with her!


BobbyGex 2 years ago


You are so beautiful! You would be even more so if you wax your sweet ass. Please!


Sirwilliam 2 years ago

She's so hot!


RodanV 2 years ago

Charlize is a real beauty, a 10 all the way! Hey Matiss, I am happily volunteering to shave her beautiful little bottom!


Redhead Lover 2 years agoLifetime member

Can we get a new set of her every day of the week?


doggleboon 2 years ago

The things she could do with those lips....


Atamas302 2 years ago

She could get milk out of a crowbar.


OntoMajorca 2 years ago

Very hot body, but it takes more than a hot bod to be a great model. She needs to connect to the viewer, bring them in. Some of that is the photographer also. I still gave her a 10 for having a great bod.


PeterD 2 years ago



James3rdm 2 years ago

I read your bio and agree you have beautiful hair, I love long hair and it's nice to see a young woman who also likes it.


beetle 2 years ago

Charlize, what a beautiful mysterious name. The face and the body of Charlize is just as mysterious, beautiful and seductive. Slim and yet feminine.
Large, soft, pendulous breasts, which can hardly be more beautiful. Breasts I will think of in my sleepless nights.
And the butt? Wow. Round, taut, the perfect full moon.
Mmmh, this girl is so delicious.


Tom70 2 years ago

Nice new girl.A nice body with nice breasts.Hope to see her many more times.


pc65 2 years ago

Great newcomer! Slender figure with big breasts.

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