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Chloe A

France Age Debut: 25


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Rider 2 years ago

Is there a reason to remove old sets every now and then? There are many sets that are gone, not just of this model, but many other models too. I would like to know why.


Chose a name 1 year ago

The model can request to take them down


Dude 3 years ago

I really miss seeing this gorgeous woman's sets. I wish we could see her other work again.


register1 4 years ago

Oh, I just see the comment of Marcelo (sorry Marcelo)... I was talking about the Timeless Beauty set... It seems there were many other sets but they disappeared... I never saw them, but it is a very bad idea from Met Art to let only such a bad set after taking off the other sets because we can't see anyting now because "Timeless Beauty" is such a poor quality ! Probably the worst !


register1 4 years ago

The model lookslovely but the set is horrible ! Awful quality of photographs (many pixels, we don't see very well), very bad and poor inspiration (sunset on the sea is horribly cliché !)...

To be short : Chloe A seems great, but Peter Dominic is not up at all to her. The model is excellent, the photographer seems missing !

THAT is the problem with this set.


Marcelo 4 years ago

What happened to the sets “Perfect body”, “Plastique”, “Chloe in St. Tropez”, “Perfection”, “Interiors” and “CHLOE” all by Peter Dominic?