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Cira Nerri

Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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ArtCurator 9 months ago

Cira Nerri is one of my MetArt favorites.

Although MetArt tells us that she is Russian, I find that difficult to believe. Her skin tone and her facial features definitely suggest a Middle Eastern heritage. It is this "arabic" look that makes her so exotic and so attractive to me.

Unlike the treatment of almost all other MetArt models, Cira's videos and photo shoots do not progressively glamorize her over time. All of her videos and photo shoots maintain her sweet and innocent charms. They consistently portray her as a real woman rather than as a mere objet d'art. Kudos to all the photographers and cinematographers involved with Cira. They ALL did a splendid job in capturing her naive and innocent beauty.


lastoftheV8s 10 months ago

This girl is very sexy but she has one thing that is unique about her, I find her nose highly arousing.


Dreadnought66 11 months ago

WHAT -- !! -- ??



the_tdog 2 years ago

My favorite on MetArt!


superman313 2 years ago

She is so pretty thanks met art


Copernicus 2 years ago

Beautiful girl and pussy. Perfect breasts too. I'm in love with them.


the_tdog 2 years ago

I **ADORE** this girl!


Real Talk 3 years ago

Need more! Hopefully we get a lot more videos of this beauty.

all I wanted to say was her Pussy is one of the most beautiful things I have..ever been able to lay my eyes upon that is truley pussy perfection''i just want to french kiss it. for hours


Dr. Aly 3 years ago

One of the best models. Difficult to find words to describe her beauty & charm.


hipshot131 3 years ago

Beyond perfection!


Agentnine 3 years ago

How can anyone have so super beautiful pussy?!


hipshot131 3 years ago

A perfect question! It is beyond amazing!


Louis41 3 years ago

Her naked dance in"Ritula"is thrilling!!!!


Smokystone1 3 years agoLifetime member

Very nice and cute girl, good posing, sexy smile. And the photographer who knows how to present us this wonderfull woman. Thanks!


pommie 3 years ago

lovely girl and pussy.

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