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Finland Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Conchita

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GardeelRajunk 5 months ago

She is not too skinny, but with female shape, great! And her feet are bendy, perfect for posing.


peepherder76 1 year ago

Conchita, you are a beautiful woman...please come back to us. Olet mahtava.


Asterion 2 years ago

Sie ist ein Teil es Himmels in dieser Erde!


Online1 4 years ago

I hope she keeps modeling for several years!!! What A BABE!


Mustafa TAN 4 years ago

Yeni bir g├╝zel...


Spies19 4 years ago

Great little ass, Super cute feet, but an even cuter face on this girl. Her pussy is beautiful too!


Arkie2 4 years ago

A most wonderful first couple of sets from this young woman. Yes, some pensive poses and diffident facial reactions in her first set but that could be because this type of modeling is new to her or else the fault of the photographer and/or his crew. I really like that she appears as one of those real "girl-next-door" types with beautifully presented curves and, dare I say it, something approaching a realistic weight.

My only wish/suggestion is that she be presented with less makeup. In both sets, Conchita appears to be wearing far too much blush for a woman of her young age.

Wising her many returns.


fer_realz 4 years ago

Arki, check her bio for an explanation of her pink cheeks. ( :


6.5x55SwM 4 years ago

My, oh my, I become overtaken by a wish for carnel knowledge; this woman has supreme beauty. There are few which have this gift. She is one.
Her display is without equal.
May she continue to excel, to that which she has undertaken, look forword to what is next. Leave it to her to undertake further excitment in the realm which she has breeched. She is not coming in from the back side, but full force forward; lovely woman is she.