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Dakota Burd

South Africa Age Debut: 22


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gemini 12 months ago

Beautiful to the power of 12. Thank you, Dakota! You are welcome to come back anytime you want.


Jameson 1 year ago

Didn’t realize she is gone to hopefully to a better place.


Jameson 1 year ago

More!!! Future looks brilliant.


zoon1 1 year ago

Dakote Burd's demise deserves a prayer and lots of good wishes and admiration and a measure of compassion for a person that checked out from this world as such an untimely age. In my view it is quite alright to keep showing her pictures.

In a future time, all models that we admire here will be dead, as well as the editors and of course Met's present members. Perhaps I will leave before all of them, who knows? Yet this site could still be portraying and paying homage to deceased models, only of course if they or their families would not decide otherwise. Death is a fact of life. We still admire Michelangelo's works and Wagner operas and Ansel Adams photos and Gregory Peck's movies, why not? They were alive when their art was made. They ARE alive in that legacy, and erotic photography is and has always been a legitimate art.

However, I make a most respectful request to the editors. In order for members to make up their minds and mood when looking at Dakota's movies and pictures, it is necessary to publish a simple line noting that the model is deceased, together with her data about country, age etc. in this page and in each of her movies and photo sets. That would both render her homage and let members know about that supreme fact of human condition. Members that are used even to write to the models and request new sets need to know that, for God's sake!

Furthermore, a set (Renary) was published months AFTER the model's death, as well as the movie "Away from you", not informing members. Dakota's memory deserves more respect for her work and for her life, and members would thank to been given that essential information.

If some people would feel uncomfortable of reading that line and acknowledging that death exists, well, there's few we can do about it. But on the contrary, if editors prefer NOT to inform members about such an essential fact (worse still, months after her demise), why then keep featuring her?

Let's never forget that above all, persons who chose to show their nude bodies are human beings as worthy of respect and deserving the same honour and dignity as all of other fellow human beings of both sexes.


ClassyMeets 1 year ago

I support zoon's statement: Dakota's memory deserves more respect for her work and for her life, and members would thank to been given that essential information. Beautifully written... I really hope the editors followed your suggestion. I also thought that I was mistaken about her reported death since the Renary set was published just recently. I don't like not knowing.

I will pray for Dakota Burd and give thanks to the beauty that she shared with all of us. Rest in peace, Dakota. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


zoon1 1 year ago

Thanks Classy Meets. I propose this title in her sets:

Dakota Burd (1996-2018)

Would that suffice to satisfy everyone, especially to honour her memory?


Rose 11 months agoCommunity Staff

We have added to her bio now, to reflect our sadness at her passing. Thank you for the suggestion.


Sturgeon 1 year ago

Sad news. This beautiful and adorable woman has passed away some weeks ago. Her Model Mayhem page has a note about the subject and her facebook page is now a tribute to her memory. God bless her. :(


Tristan_Heart 1 year ago

Yea I just discovered the same thing, really sad to hear, way too soon :-/


Chris13 1 year ago

Oh god, no! She was the most wonderful girl of the last months. What a loss.


Rose 1 year agoCommunity Staff

That is sad news indeed, thank you for letting us know.


Ziggy 1 year agoLifetime member

extraordinary beauty, extraordinary talent


Robt 1 year ago

Pure art, no arguing.


Erotic art expert. 1 year ago

ALL HER sets are real erotic art. Please more like this.


Veil 1 year ago

Dakota, thank you for sharing your beauty. You provide joy and inspiration, and you help make life even more worth living.


beetle 1 year ago

Little sweet darling. cute and sexy.


Erotic art expert. 1 year ago

Cassandra Keyes is a real professional. As an expert I have to say that all her (his?) works are professionally done. The balance between close and distinct taking is perfect. No overused genitals' close up. No gynecologist's illustrations making. Nice and natural color, no photoshop overusing. Welcome aboard, Cassandra.


Real Talk 1 year ago



redserpent66 2 years ago

I have been thinking it for a while, I have to say it. Metart needs to go VR!!!


Tironan 2 years ago

Professional exotic dancer, I'd say from the bruises on her. Love the moves.


gemini 2 years ago

Very pretty young lady, moves beautifully. Very erotic and sexy! Hoping to see her again.


KENOMAN 2 years ago

I look forward to more of this lovely girl. I enjoy her athleticism. She could perform some interesting poses in a still photo set. I can only hope. At any rate thanks for introducing her. You are lovely Dakota.


Tristan_Heart 2 years ago

A really sweet and gorgeous looking girl, hope to see more of her in the future :-)