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Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Dakota

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footlover 3 months ago

Really princess Dakota is not at her place this young princess has absolutely perfect feet all is perfect for princess Dakota it’s not serious she must be in top 20 at metart i love so much her perfect feet for me princess Dakota it’s 10/10 for all sets


ramillies1706 4 months ago

Love her. Looks like she could be a not too distant cousin of Virginia Sun.


CommanderRiker 11 months ago

She's adorable


Its.Me 12 months ago

Oh Dakota you got to come back sweet baby and do some more! A few stiletto sets would really be over the top! She another little Kay Jay...Got that sweet innocent look but you can see a little bad girl in her too! So put her in some stilettos! LOL


altair 1 year ago

Is she coming back?


Nebelfrost 2 years ago

One of the most perfect girls I've ever seen in my life. Please make video clip with her, Matiss! Please do it!


nigel shadow 2 years ago

you are beautiful


Spiderman101 2 years ago

I love Dakota from her first photos :))


Jane Doe 2 years ago

OMG!! Dakota drives me wild with desire!! Can anyone be so adorably sweet? She is perfection, what a beautiful dream she is. Please, please, please keep her on the payroll!! It's true I'm begging ;))


Digger 2 years ago

Don't forget her hair - unbelievably stunning. Her eyes blue gray. We can't miss those puffy nipples on massageable breasts. And her bottom is one of those changing my mind about shaving. All breathtaking. PHEW as I exhale m


mattdillion 2 years agoLifetime member

I'm in love


beetle 2 years ago

First of all: Absolutely stunning breasts with puffy tips. Unique areoles and nipples. Really breathtaking.
This is Dakota. But Dakota is still much, much more.
A friendly and lovable face. A butt soft, round and cuddly. Dakotas beautiful little anus is a feast for the eyes. And the pussy is lush and edged with fluffy pubic hair.
The legs are so beautifully shaped and the feet look soft and tender. The toes are tiny and cute and the soles are silky.The legs are also beautifully shaped and the feet look soft and tender. The toes are tiny and cute and the soles are silky.