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Danica Jewels

Russian Federation Age Debut: 29


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RichC 3 weeks ago

The buxum blonde is generally not my type, but WOW, WOW, WOW. Danica is simply amazing.


beetle 4 weeks ago

Just gorgeous and sexy. Danica Jewels combines everything that is erotic, seductive and sensitive. Delicacy, purity and naturalness.
Long wavy blond hair surround a smooth face with magical blue eyes.
Soft big drooping breasts that are really beautiful.
The pussy is big and the labia dark and wonderfully wrinkled. Absolutely erotic is , how they stick out of the pussy.
The butt is firm and round, a classic full moon.
The long slim legs end in tender, small feet, which I would like to take in the mouth and lick at them.


Aficionado1 4 weeks ago

Epic beauty - enough to launch a thousand ships. 10+++


ZeroHero 4 weeks ago

More of this Beauty... ....Period!


loosebruce2 4 weeks ago

I guess this is my chance to say something directly to "Danica", after all this time. I've been an admirer since 2015 and have collected nearly everything you have done. Your beauty cannot be surpassed, but more than that, you have a presence that I don't think any other woman has. I new you would become a PMOY - you were perfect for that and congratulations! I hope you will try acting because your camera presence is phenomenal, but do what you enjoy (I tried film acting and just didn't care for it, even though I had the talent for it). You could dominate in the nude modeling industry. You have such a talent for expression. I hope you will explore the many dimensions you could accomplish in your work. Smiles and pinup poses are lovely, but they can't sustain you in this arena. The potential for more arousing works, and more varied forms of emotion and eroticism are there in you and it would be nice if you would take full advantage of your amazing abilities, your incredible beauty, and the presence about you that is second to none. I look forward to what you and the photographers you work with will try to do during the length of your contract (and perhaps beyond). Few models have had such an impact on me. I think about you a lot. You frustrate me with your modest poses sometimes, but I never quit on you and I wish for your happiness every day.


Frank -- swplf 4 weeks agoContributing Writer

While David Lee "Presented" her to day it appears that she has been shot most by Antonio Clemens with him having her posted 21 times on Stunning 18. And yes in my opinion they make a great team!


Agentnine 4 weeks ago

Hi and welcome!!

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