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Delfina A

Ukraine Age Debut: 22


Member Rating based on 1016 ratings

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Beaming 3 months ago

What a superbly lovely, elegant woman.


Beaming 3 months ago

A classic Ukrainian Beauty. What a stunner!


Hkl62 3 years ago

Would like to see more sets of this incredible beauty.
Her eyes are amazing. She is one of my favorite model.
And total underrated!


Whiplash00 4 years ago

I honest to God don't understand why some of these models get lower ratings than they deserve. Delfina is absolutely stunning, and she is only rated at 8.78. Since that is lower than the average cutoff of 8.80 ( at least that's my understanding of what determines whether we see more of a model's sessions), I fear that we will not see more of her. I hope that more people vote for her, and give Delfina high ratings.
She is gorgeous. Just my opinion.......I realize that peoples perception of beauty is subjective.


kanobitwo 4 years ago

Please bring us more of her.


sirreel 5 years ago

I totally love this woman.. She is among the very best here. Her body is exactly what I desire in such a lovely sweetheart. Delfina, you rock babe..!!


Rich 5 years ago

Delfina is truly beautiful and exciting. Vladimiroff has done pretty well in these first two sets.


Evis 5 years ago

Yes she is very beautiful, but the more sad that the photographer can't handle the light. So all the credit to Delfina, not the man practising behind the camera.


rags25 5 years agoLifetime member

I have to agree Delfina A has the same beautifull body as Jaime A lovely long sexy legs,firm small breasts they both have bodies that are works of art.I hope Delfina A stays modeling for MetArt she has a bright future :)


little_rice 4 years ago

Thanks for reminding me of Jaime...combined with Delfina, they both are almost perfect to my criteria...slim, long sexy shaped legs, eyes that petrify you upon first look and small but delicious looking breasts ! Oh my god...


uuusssee 5 years ago

Extremely seductive beauty with a pair of perfect breasts & nipples!

This body is a work of art.

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