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Delia A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 23


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ace5135 3 years ago

wow. Not a met art model I was familiar with. Glad I discovered her. What an incredibly sexy woman. Amazing body.


yojimbo 5 years ago

I became a fan of Delia way back when her first set came out in 2009.I can not honestly say exactly what it is about her that "clicks" for me.But I guess it is those long legs and she has a very nicely shaped ass.Her breasts are juts the right size as well and she had puffy nipple/areola.So maybe thinking about it i like everything about Delia.

She has not had a new set in some time and the last one was stunning.Other Met models have had longer breaks between sets so hopefully Met will post another set from Delia at some point.I know would be very happy.