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Deserea A

United States Age Debut: 18


Member Rating based on 2081 ratings

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anonym 8 months ago

I would like to lick her big breasts while I ejaculate in her.


mark1308 9 months ago

a wonderful busty ebony beauty


tango99 1 year ago

Of the many stunning ladies on this site Deserea has the most incredibly full and gravity defying natural tits ever, I cannot imagine the rush of excitement exploring her.....


Sten 3 years ago

I hope that there are more sets with her on other sites.
And yes - this is another example of meaningless rating.


oscar 3 years ago

She is a fantastic woman. Please come back with more of her. Boobs I not very often see.


oscar 3 years ago

Is it possible to have such magnificent boobs when you are so slim? This is fantastic. Please, much more of this beautiful girl.


secret-one 3 years ago

The ratings these models get are irrelevant. Some people think their low opinion is important, so they share it with everyone. It seems mean spirited.

I like to get some idea of the size of these women, but the info is unreliable. I know this because the proportions are way off sometimes. If this woman were 5'10", then she would weigh around 170 lb I think (not 110). In any case, she is perfectly proportioned in every dimension.


mister_taco 3 years ago

It is telling that Deserea is only getting a sub-7 rating, when in reality she is a goddess who should be getting a 10. Judging from recent trends, I think if Deserea were to do another set, she would get much different (higher) ratings; the met-art audience these days seems a bit smarter.


Bikusdikus 3 years ago

This girl is sooo beautiful! I cant believe she is so low ranked! She is a 10+ for me!


Monnier 3 years ago

On ne se lasse pas de contempler cette jeune femme d'une beauté qui frôle (ou atteint peut-être) la perfection.


Monnier 4 years ago

Splendor feminae.


luvgrrlz 4 years ago

An underrated beauty. She should be at least rated an 8.


luvgrrlz 3 years ago

make that a 9.


Barnie 2 years agoLifetime member