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Spain Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Dionisia

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lastoftheV8s 3 weeks ago

Her name is from Ancient Greek it means "dedicated to Dionysus"


ramillies1706 1 month ago

I believe I'm in love, LUV.


beetle 1 month ago

Dionisia is an absolutely noble and exclusive beauty. She is the classic snow-white. Wow.
She inspires with her purity, delicacy and grace. Every part of her is noble and beautiful. The cute face, the medium sized well shaped breasts, the tight round buttocks and the tiny white feet. Best are the filigrane pussy, which is almost blown up by the protruding plump, fleshy labia.
Yes, every inch of Dionisia is adorable. And that is, why she will become a top model. Dionisia, you are a real beauty!