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Excellent photography of a beautiful model.

Gorgeous legs, cute butt, sleek, sexy arms, and the face of an angel. She hasn't lost weight so much as she's added muscle. I love that she's taking care of herself, to keep that amazing tummy for a long time to come.

An anus and smile to die for!

Bastante poco, rosada, húmeda raja!

Divina A is always in the top 10 and for very good reason. She is an absolute delight in every way and her personality and presence make her irresistible. Her body is so toned, perfectly balanced, and athletic it would be hard to not like her. Though she has lost a bit of weight which she could ill afford.

Divina is one of those models that I don't hesitate to download without even looking at the set first. She has a rare combination of cute, sexy, and totally endearing personality that sets her apart for those that are merely beautiful. Flawless beauty alone is hollow and incomplete. It requires that rare spark that girls like Divina have to make them really special.

She is pretty, and some of the poses are really fantatic.

Divina is a beautiful model with a gorgeous cute ass and lovely smile.Recently she has lost a lot of weight with reflects on her body.Looking back at her earlier photos she is now looking painfully thin.Divina is still divine but I preferred earlier Divina.Love you.x

I have to agree that she is getting a bit underweight and that robs some of her sexiness.

This girl has NEVER disappointed me. With her cute-as-a-kitten face and very delicious body, and always appears to having a great time. Very nice set indeed!

A beautiful model but many of the poses just looked awkward, forced or uncomfortable.

The poses in the set are not the problem, because they are still very arousing. There could have been more time spent on picking a natural setting whether it be in the bedroom or a place where you might actually see a beautiful woman like Divina. Typically when I see Leonardo's name tagged to a set I think it will be one of the best to be seen. I still by far enjoyed the set, it could have been better.

Funny....when I see his name on a set, I prepare myself for disappointment.
This set however is way above his average!

I agree with rockhard on this one. For some reason he does much better with Divina than he does with most girls. He seems to have 3 or 4 favorites that he does much better with and others that he is far to conservative and much to enamored with long shots. I always approach his sets prepared to be disappointed.

One of my favorite models at Met, so beautiful and sexy, and I love it when she bends over to show off that hot little bare ass, so hot

I heartily agree, I would like to nominate Divina A for a "best ass on Metart" award.

And legs!! Breasts, face etc

My favourite model. So beautiful and always looks smoking hot!!

Beautiful girl, nice pictures

Picturesque settings and generally high phototechnical quality --- Leonardo & Divina has delivered a nice piece of work!

it´s quick and unexpensive to put a beautiful girl anywhere (even if she is Divina)and start taking shots in all kinds of standard,boooring and
dull poses(even if the photographer is Leonardo).Her mere presence don´t
make an absurd work better whatsoever.

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