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Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Djessy

Members Comments (17)


Erofan 2 months ago

Do you maybe have the new sets?


Old Cat 6 months ago

I want to see her more often, Want Video & on bed


baibys25 6 months ago

trop belle ma chérie


Woodbutcher 9 months ago

Perfect on perfect. Why so few pictorials to date (6 over 2 years)? At least one per month preferable..


fireball-xl5 12 months ago

Dear Djessy,

You are absolute pure perfection, I have been putting in some pretty serious masturbating sessions to all of your sets, love the beautiful bush ones best. You arouse my penis in a second, a few seconds later it's out and I'm gleefully tugging away fantasizing about all the wonderful things I could do with a beautiful lady like you, tugging and tugging like crazy until I cum, only wishing that my cum could be ejaculated in you.

So thank you pretty lady for giving me so many moments of pleasure, of which I'm sure many more are to cum.

Love and Kisses, xxxxxxxxxx, Paul.


James G 12 months ago

Lovely unshaven pussy. More please.


Old Cat 1 year ago

Miss Djessy, hope to see her again soon !


bibblefuss 1 year ago

Too bad she stopped shaving. Too cute to be limited to being a niche model.


Bulldog 1 year ago

She is an absolutely gorgeous young lady. A dream girl wrapped up in one package.


nman1233 1 year ago

stunning beauty, fearless spreading, delicious pussy shots, oh my!


Knackerackman 2 years ago

Hubba Hubba!


beetle 2 years ago

Djessi is an absolutely lovely girl with a cheeky face and a stunning body. Very slim, long legs, small but firm breasts and a cute taut butt.
Hope to see her more often.


uuusssee 2 years ago

I hope to see her more often too. But shot by another (more competent) photographer.


RichC 2 years ago

Djessy is very cute and has a nice ass for a thin girl.


Michael1185 2 years ago

Djessy has a young, innocent face, the kind of look you just want to play with. Add to that her truly fine ass, and edible pussy and the "play with" becomes a whole lot more fun...


Pasha 2 years ago

Djessy looks very good, she has a very nice body and a wonderful vagina. I look forward to see more of her. Welcome on board.


_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

Absolutely fantastic sultry cutie. No, apparently the two are not mutually exclusive. (: I really hope to see a lot more of delicious Djessy, I don't want her to be a one-hit wonder!