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Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Djessy

Members Comments (10)


bibblefuss 3 weeks ago

Too bad she stopped shaving. Too cute to be limited to being a niche model.


Bulldog 4 weeks ago

She is an absolutely gorgeous young lady. A dream girl wrapped up in one package.


nman1233 1 month ago

stunning beauty, fearless spreading, delicious pussy shots, oh my!


Knackerackman 11 months ago

Hubba Hubba!


beetle 11 months ago

Djessi is an absolutely lovely girl with a cheeky face and a stunning body. Very slim, long legs, small but firm breasts and a cute taut butt.
Hope to see her more often.


uuusssee 11 months ago

I hope to see her more often too. But shot by another (more competent) photographer.


RichC 1 year ago

Djessy is very cute and has a nice ass for a thin girl.


Michael1185 1 year ago

Djessy has a young, innocent face, the kind of look you just want to play with. Add to that her truly fine ass, and edible pussy and the "play with" becomes a whole lot more fun...


Pasha 1 year ago

Djessy looks very good, she has a very nice body and a wonderful vagina. I look forward to see more of her. Welcome on board.


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

Absolutely fantastic sultry cutie. No, apparently the two are not mutually exclusive. (: I really hope to see a lot more of delicious Djessy, I don't want her to be a one-hit wonder!