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Dominika Jule

Latvia Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Dominika Jule

Members Comments (12)


Gemini1 3 months ago

She is very beautiful. Yes, I would love to see her labia spread more. I would also like to see more of her very delicious looking asshole


Nick102 5 months ago

This model seems capable of so much more - the labia are lovely. Spread them please.


Dirty Thoughts 2 months ago

You need to go to SexArt. Image 46 is wonderful to me as she has her pussy pulled open. It is a view from the front. Image 72 would probably be more to your liking since it is from behind. And pulled open. You are right, she is capable of much more.


James56 9 months ago

Absolutely amazing. Such a stunning girl. I hope we see alot more of her


KENOMAN 10 months ago

Dominika is lovely and special. I have enjoyed her sets. However, could we please have a set in a more formal beautifully decorated indoor set. All three of her sets have been outdoors. Also, I would love a video.


JANN 10 months ago

bautiful girl, bad artist koenart


ramillies1706 11 months ago

Love this girl.


RichC 11 months ago

What a lovely girl! Beautiful face and smile, lovely pussy, great ass.


Digger 11 months ago

Jeepers, she caught me from her intro picture and held me to the end. Love her beautifully proportioned breasts and nipples. Love her long slit. But her face held me spellbound the whole shoot. Welcome Dominika Jule what a JEWEL.


Barnie 11 months agoLifetime member

Dominika sweet as cheery pie absolutely gorgeous


beetle 11 months ago

Dominika Jule is a really beautiful girl. An angelic face, blue eyes and long brown hair. The body is slim with good curves. First of all, I would like to highlight the wonderful small to medium-sized breasts. Perfectly shaped and absolutely natural. I recognize this by her beautiful drooping and her sideways slipping when Dominika is lying on her back. But also the juicy and plump pussy with the full big dark labia are sensational. The tight full moon and smooth round anus are as breathtaking as the long slender legs. The feet are delicate and cute with silky white soles and tiny toes, made for taking in the mouth. A real treat.


KENOMAN 11 months ago

It is great to have this wonderful new model in the MetArt network. Thank you for being there Dominika. You are lovely.

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