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Eiby Shine

Ukraine Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Eiby Shine

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fireball-xl5 12 months agoLifetime member

Dear Eiby,

You are incredibly beautiful and cute, every time I see one of your wonderful galleries I get the strong desire to just gently bounce you naked on my knee, but don't worry I have your safety in mind too and as such would provide something for you to grab hold of and squeeze very tightly so that you didn't come off, though I doubt whether that would be the same case for me.

Love and Hot Kisses, Paul, XXXXXXXXXX!


ArtCurator 12 months ago

Eiby Shine is my Dream Girl.

Dear Eiby: Will you marry me ???


ArtCurator 12 months ago

The Eiby Shine collection so far is a very well matched set of photo shoots. The model has the same simple, yet effective look in each set. So far, at least, Rylsky has given us a coherent overall portrayal of this model.

Rylsky shows artistic courage in his use of this model because she is a Beauty Queen in no one's book. Yet, he was able to bring out her Feminine Beauty nonetheless. Not every woman in the world fits the stereotypical version of "beauty" fed to us by Hollywood. Yet, Ryslsky's skill turns her into into a beautiful woman by bringing out her inner beauty and inner charms.

The Eiby Shine collection is a good example of why MetArt should use the same artist for all the shoots of the same model as much as possible. "Too many cooks spoil the broth." That hasn't happened yet with the Eiby collection because it has been left to the care of just one artist, a great artist at that.


chez22 1 year ago

Mwah!!!! Love her look! Beautiful smile!


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

Gorgeous girl tasty very


xlander 2 years ago



xlander 2 years ago

Beautiful body butter...


Agentnine 2 years ago

Best breasts I see for long time! Wow!


OntoMajorca 2 years ago

I think she has the potential to become like Gracie, but she has to find that inner erotic sun.


Rolando 2 years ago

Was für ein schöner, junger Nackedei, sie ist ganz nackig, mein Spatz wird ganz steif und steht steil hoch...


beetle 2 years ago

Eiby Shine is really a beautiful girl. A friendly face, a delicate and fine figure.
The breasts are perfect in size and fit. Lovable stiff nipples.
A taut and round butt. The anus is dark, smooth and finely edged. What more do you want? Brilliant.
The pussy is small and in proportion to the other body parts inconspicuous. But perhaps she is still developing.
The legs are long and slender with narrow ankles.
The feet are tiny and cute. The soles, smooth, soft and white, mmmh, yummy.
The toes are long, beautifully shaped and invite me to suck.


Atamas302 2 years ago

I hope whoever dreams up with these models' names doesn't get paid for it.


Rose 2 years agoCommunity Staff

The models choose their own names, SouthernMaster.


mrhardees 1 year ago

Hello my wish is for the models to stay with a name on other met art sites they change their names


Rylsky 2 years ago

Yes, Rose. Her choice.


Atamas302 2 years ago



gaetano maria 2 years ago

Eiby you are a delicious girl.

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