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Elena B

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


Member Rating based on 3212 ratings

Photos with Elena B

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Diablo77 1 year ago

Beautiful Girl, hot body. 12 outdoor sets. Zero Indoor sets. The ratings would definitely be much higher if there was at least a mix of indoor and outdoor. My personal opinion is I personally much prefer indoor sets. But maybe 100% outdoor was the models choice, and if so, the lower rating follows the models choice. However, if this was the photographers choice, please do this girl a favor and do some indoor sets because she deserves a higher rating that what she is getting. 0 out of 12?


Haven52 3 years ago

This girl is very beautiful, sexy and fresh, but is only photographed outdoors. Properly balanced lighting (omitting hard shadows) would bring out her true beauty.


Josh65 3 years ago

Beautiful sexy girl!!!


Dreadnought 3 years ago

I would have rated this lovely girl higer -- but she never did a single INDOOR SET !!!!!!!!!!