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Elena Koshka

United States Age Debut: 23


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kilroy 9 months ago

Love this beauty, wish there were clearer pictures of her.

Note: Those are the bluest "brown" eyes I've seen. Need to correct this bio error.


BadWolf05 9 months ago

Elena, what gorgeous young woman. About as close to perfect as you can get.


Lots2admire 9 months ago

Elena is sexy, tall and a beautiful young woman with Mr. Lightfoot behind the lens they put the art back into METART.................... Superb!


Jman 10 months ago

This will officially be my masturbation material for the day!


LINUXmaniac 11 months agoLifetime member

Hey, people. I like Your enthusiasm for girls from USA, but according the looks and nickname, she's originally from Slavic speaking countries, just living in the States. And I need to say, that my rating system is just a little bit more complicated, then the others. I'm considering not only the model's appearance, but also creativity and professionality in posing style, surroundings and of course, the picture's quality in photo sets. And the last factor is the reason, why I will rate all models photographed by such an amateur as Lightfoot is, only 1, the lowest possible rating. I never saw such pieces of crap, what he's showing to us on full sized photos. So, Elena, if You want higher score from me, switch this random photographer to some real-deal artist.


AlphaEightFour 11 months ago's the thing about photographers: MET has more than one providing sets. Each photographer brings something different to the table. If you dislike a particular photographer's style...don't look at the set. Move on.

If curiosity gets the best of you and you take a peek at the set anyway, you may find there's something a photographer may include or omit in a future set; respectfully address it here. If you only plan to insult, keep it to yourself and enjoy the other sets of the day.

And just in general, everyone, let's be civil and respectful here. Be considerate of each other, the photographers, and especially the models. =D


Scopophile 9 months ago

I agree.. Although I don’t prefer Mr Lightfoot’s way of photographing he really have found a model here who is.. Really Extra Ordinarily Beautiful! That should indeed count for something? I know I keep getting smitten by almost every girl here at MET but Miss Elena really has it all!!
I don’t know how much Mr. Lightfoot is “directing” her, but the poses are to me very “exciting” to say the least! That is also important for me. I like a “Good Story” in the set. Not only vagina vagina.. Don’t get me wrong I do like vagina but if you aspire for some “Artistry”, add some poetry to the posing like Mr. Lightfoot perhaps?
So consider all this done by another photographer without the special way Mr Lightfoot has of taking his photo the whole set would get to another level I think. Maybe Mr. Lightfoot could set up the scene and “Direct” the model for Mr Leonardo?
And as always.. Without Miss Elena there will be NOTHING !


Beauty Admirer Ii 11 months ago

Obviously you are a coniseurr of the vagina of the utmost degree. But to disparage the work of Mr Lightfoot so viciously is uncalled for. Give the man a break. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean it's crap.


Arkie 2 11 months ago

Methinks he paints with too broad a brush.

@ LINUXmaniac...

A "1"... really? According to your own "consideration" there are, among other things, there are at least 5 different criteria you use for rating a set and, from the sound of it and by your own ratings admission, you give a disproportionately larger weight to the fact that it's a set shot by Lightfoot that to other things, as is evidenced by your sinister terminology "... an amateur as Lightfoot is...".

You honestly mean to tell me that if Lightfoot photographed someone like Li Moon, Lorena B, Mila Azul or Nikia, you'd _automatically_ rate THOSE sets a "1" too just because he shot them? Sounds like a really weird, twisted logic to me. You fall into the same category as other members who dislike Catherine's, Natasha Schon's and Rylsky's work to the point that they automatically mete out "1's" no matter who the model is.


watcher1111 11 months ago

She is beautiful and Cute. I like tall young woman. I would love to see her in The Life Erotic and/or MetArt-X.


James G 12 months ago

I look forward to another set - when her fuzzy pubic hair has grown a bit longer and without those clunky Frankenstein shoes, please.


Jaystar766 12 months ago

Wow! What an absolute beauty this young lady is. Her face is gorgeous and her body is simply perfect. Great ass on her and i love the peach fuzz pubic hair. So hot!! I'm totally in love. ;)

I have not been this aroused by a new model in a long time!! More Elena PLEASE!!!!!


AA11 12 months ago

Wow.. More of her! More of her nipples! More of her breasts! and Much More of her pussy and asshole fully exposed!
Look forward to Much MORE!


cheez 12 months ago



beetle 12 months ago

A new star is born: Elena Koshka!


Elduraverga 10 months ago

Oh Yes! Elena! It seems that "koshka" is the Russian word for pussycat. And Elena certainly Is a pussycat that needs a lot of stroking!


Pasha 12 months ago

Wonderful figure


Redhead Lover 12 months ago

Meow ;-)


Elduraverga 10 months ago

Ах да! Елена является киска-кошка! Ах, Мяу! Ах да , я люблю смотреть, как она гладит ее котенка!

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