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Eleonora B

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Eleonora B

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leau 2 years ago

Please show me more Eleanor B. I really can't get enough of this beauty, definitely one of the best girls here. Please bring her back for more photoshoots... i beg you :)


Ampersand 2 years ago

I don't know if she just stopped modelling, but the lack of further sets is a criminal shame. Eleonora B had the perfect blend of innocence and sensuality.


PBrowning 3 years ago

Eleonora can be seen on Erotic Beauty and Goddess Nudes as Elvira/Elvira F and she looks every bit as beautiful in those sets as she does in these two on Met Art.
IMO, Eleonora has one of the best bodies in all the Met Art Network. Her breasts, derriere, legs, hips, tummy....hell gorgeous. I also love her big beautiful smile and the playfulness she brings to each set. She seems to have really enjoyed it's a shame there are so few photo sets of her.


Drago 3 years ago

I would like to see Eleonora in more photographs.


Condor 3 years ago

She is pretty and has a great body. A cute smile and nice legs also.


Brooks 4 years ago

Eleonora is one mighty fine looking woman. She has beautiful face, pretty smile, and gorgeous body! Wow!


Jericho45 4 years ago

Eleonora, more than any other are the one I would most like to see many times again.
"K" has said that she tried to get more sets of I can only hope that one day you will surprise me and return to Met Art where your extraordinary beauty can once again be displayed.
You are a gorgeous woman with a great big smile....and you possess perhaps the most beautiful body of any model I have ever seen.


Jericho45 4 years ago

Eleonora is a gorgeous woman. Great body and very pretty face.


Jericho45 4 years ago

Eleonora has my vote for the best body on Met Art. IMO she has a perfect body....breasts, curves, butt, legs....everything! She also has a pretty smile and a beautiful face too, she's amazing!
The only thing she needs to change are those damn fingernails....those things look lethal.


Online1 4 years ago

There should be a ten (10) Set MINIMUM on ALL Models... We are Paying for Them Every Month!


Ceska 4 years ago

Especially with a woman as gorgeous as Eleonora! This girl is fabulous!


PDM087 4 years ago

Two sets in just over a month in the Summer of 2013, but nothing since? IMO, Eleonora is gorgeous!

a2m2 said it best, this girl is SPECTACULAR!!!
Please bring Eleonora back!


P_Browning 4 years ago

I emailed Bragin a while back and was told that MA passed on (did not purchase) new sets he had of Eleonora.
I have no idea why Met Art passed on them, but IMO Eleonora is one of the finest MA models introduced in the past year.
I agree Eleonora has a spectacular body (and a very pretty smile too).


Ceska 4 years ago

This girl appears on 2 of Met Art's sister sites as Elvira/Elvira F. The sites are Goddess Nudes and Erotic Beauty.
I believe these 2 sets were supposed to be only one with 85 images, but instead was split into two sets with 36 images (Goddess Nudes) and 49 images (Erotic Beauty).
Eleonora AKA Elvira/Elvira F is very, very, pretty in every image that I have seen of her.
She has a small rose tattoo just above her right leg that is visible in photos for a site outside the Met Art Network. It is small enough to remain hidden when she's wearing a bikini bottom or panties.
I would like to see more of her because I think she is extremely attractive. She has a magnificent body with nice legs and perfect breasts. She also has a pretty face and a big friendly smile.


Browning 4 years ago

Please bring back Eleonora Bragin!!!, IMO she is the best model introduced last year (2013).


redlov 5 years ago

more please she's great


MisterPlums 5 years ago

Her first set in July, the second in August, it's now October and no further sets have appeared??? My membership expires today, I will renew again when this girl has a new set appear, until that day thank you for the sweet sweet memories


PDM087 4 years ago

I agree, she is a real stunner! Where has she been? Please bring Eleonora back!


solrage 5 years ago

A solid 9. Maybe a 10 if she got a better photographer. She remarkably resembles a girlfriend I had in my early 20s!


Browning 5 years ago

I hope to see much more from Eleonora, she's an amazing beauty.


negam13 5 years ago

I rate Eleonora B at 9.5++ out of 10, the reason being only one woman in my opinion rates as a perfect 10 (Luiza A). I doubt anyone will ever "unseat" Luiza A, she's simply one in a billion (that's with a "B")......she is that exceptional to me.
Eleonora is extremely pretty. This girl really seems to enjoy life and she's neither ashamed, nor afraid, to show her beauty to the world.
I love her GREAT BIG SMILE:).....the smile of a beautiful woman has always done me in, I find them irresistible and I'm prone to do whatever they ask (a very bad trait both emotionally and financially).
I'm very happy to see that Met Art has such a young and beautiful new model, hopefully Eleonora is around for many years to come.


negam13 5 years ago

Beautiful young lady who obviously enjoys life. Great big smile, pretty face, and possibly the nicest body on Met Art. I hope to see much more from her for a long, long, time.


eugene 5 years ago

absolutely stunning girl
too bad many photos are out of focus


Nillad 5 years ago

Holy God she is perfect.


miksan 5 years ago

such a hottie
beautiful eyes/smile
perfect body

with Leonardo as photographer (for example) she could be in the top 3


a2m2 5 years ago



PDM087 4 years ago

What a beautiful body:) Eleonora is amazing!