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Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Elin

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face n butt 2 weeks ago

hot but boring. never any good buttshots and when there is something close to a decent butt shot, its either out of frame, way too dark, or covered by sand or bath bubbles.


lezvoyeur 2 weeks ago

If Natascha and Elin could just get together and discuss who should be the woman that she is photographed with it would definitely help her career. All the dark pictures and the sombre looks could be changed by just being noticed by one woman who really wants her and to touch her. You put Elin on SexArt or VivThomas and photograph her being loved by someone six inches shorter and she's a star. Appreciate her body with someone that wants to do it.


Alex-M 4 months ago

Natascha Schon is definately the wrong photographer for Elin - someone like ERRO would be much better. Elin is a wonderful girl: Beautiful face, a delicious and curvy body. The only prob is the photographer...


Erotic art expert. 5 months ago

Teach the photographer how to set the focus on the camera. No concept at all.


Benjamin_XO 6 months ago

Incredible body squandered by tame sets. Unfortunate.


semajw 6 months ago

Too bad this lovely young woman doesn't know a photographer!


xlander 7 months ago

Please get another photographs to do some sets with her aa well.


RodanV 11 months ago

I'm going to bet that there's a sense of humor in there and a smile to die for. Beautiful lady, show us who you are.
Great sets and thank you! I, like everyone posting needs more of you!


Auricman 11 months ago

Wow she is hot!!


Manu 12 months ago

Too soft, need to be more explicit


JimmyJamSlam 12 months ago

Welcome to Metart Elin... what a beauty .. what a body !!!
Good Luck Baby Girl
Brunette Beauty.. u rock


doggleboon 12 months ago

Schon apparently needs to find the auto-focus setting on her camera.


Horsemaster 1 year ago

A beautiful, slender model with angelic face and full breasts! What's not to like? And Natasha's play with the lighting makes for some less successful shots, but also some fabulous shots. I would like to see this duo play together again - soon. This combo is different and very desirable in my book. Keep it up1


beetle 1 year ago

A petite and cute young woman. Elin is beautiful. Particularly striking are the beautiful smooth face and the full big and well-shaped breasts. An absolute eye-catcher.
In addition, the round butt with the really very long legs is a real highlight.
Elin is beautiful, that's true.


Smokystone1 1 year agoLifetime member

Lovingly and somewhat vulnerable - but attractive and worth seeing.
Looking forward for more sets