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Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Elin

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Alex-M 2 months ago

Natascha Schon is definately the wrong photographer for Elin - someone like ERRO would be much better. Elin is a wonderful girl: Beautiful face, a delicious and curvy body. The only prob is the photographer...


Erotic art expert. 3 months ago

Teach the photographer how to set the focus on the camera. No concept at all.


Benjamin_XO 4 months ago

Incredible body squandered by tame sets. Unfortunate.


semajw 4 months ago

Too bad this lovely young woman doesn't know a photographer!


xlander 5 months ago

Please get another photographs to do some sets with her aa well.


RodanV 9 months ago

I'm going to bet that there's a sense of humor in there and a smile to die for. Beautiful lady, show us who you are.
Great sets and thank you! I, like everyone posting needs more of you!


Auricman 9 months ago

Wow she is hot!!


Manu 10 months ago

Too soft, need to be more explicit


JimmyJamSlam 10 months ago

Welcome to Metart Elin... what a beauty .. what a body !!!
Good Luck Baby Girl
Brunette Beauty.. u rock


doggleboon 10 months ago

Schon apparently needs to find the auto-focus setting on her camera.


Horsemaster 10 months ago

A beautiful, slender model with angelic face and full breasts! What's not to like? And Natasha's play with the lighting makes for some less successful shots, but also some fabulous shots. I would like to see this duo play together again - soon. This combo is different and very desirable in my book. Keep it up1


beetle 11 months ago

A petite and cute young woman. Elin is beautiful. Particularly striking are the beautiful smooth face and the full big and well-shaped breasts. An absolute eye-catcher.
In addition, the round butt with the really very long legs is a real highlight.
Elin is beautiful, that's true.


Smokystone1 11 months agoLifetime member

Lovingly and somewhat vulnerable - but attractive and worth seeing.
Looking forward for more sets