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Ukraine Age Debut: 22


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BGS18 7 months ago

Please stay natural, no implants! Body is so beautiful as it is.


JustSquatchin 10 months ago

I just read Frank's comment stating "What is somewhat unusual for MetArt is that she has a AA Cup breast size and apparently inverted nipples." Please, let's have MORE models with AA breast size!!!


JustSquatchin 10 months ago

Exceptionally beautiful woman. Would love to see more of her. I love her gorgeous face, dark hair and slim body and especially her tiny breasts.


Nick101 1 year ago

Excellent model. Beautiful posing. The right amount of beautifully displayed pussy. Excellent.


Vikinglover69 1 year ago

Great new addition to the site!! More of this nude beauty ASAP!!


SchwarzeEule 1 year ago

Gorgeous addition to the site!


Smokystone1 1 year agoLifetime member

One of the best woman to seen in the last time in the adult industrie!


Frank -- swplf 1 year agoContributing Writer

I am doing two things I normally do not do. First is I am writing this about a set in advance of it being posted and I am commenting about the physical appearance of a model. This is only Elouisa’s second appearance on MetArt. She was presented by Nick Twin in a movie on November 14th which received somewhat mixed reviews but drew a respectable 8.93 Member Rating based on 210 ratings. Elouisa drew a person rating of 9.14 based on 159 ratings. She did get a “New Model” flag. Since then she has appeared on Metart X on November 17th in another longer film by Nick and he avoided the things which members complained about in her debut. He even joined the comments stating: (Nick Twin) “I'm reading all cements for this video :) And thank you for feedback :). In the mean time just yesterday he did a twofer with both a Photo set called Meow 1 and Meow 2 was a video. WOW!!! In the written intro to both this was posted: "Being a cat comes naturally to me," she purrs. "But if I had to pick the ultimate moment so far, it's when I got my tail. I lubed the plug and slid it in my asshole, then moved my butt, swishing it around. It felt so right, so totally me…" And did she!!!! (By the way that type of thing is allowed on TLE, the closest the MetArt family comes to kink.)

Now about Elouisa as I said I seldom comment about any of our models physical attributes but...
First on MetArt and MetArt X we see her debut age as 22, However on TLE they show it as “Age Published: 32. My research points to the 22 figure. In the comments on all her apperances the fact she is thin is mentioned and with her stats showing she is 5'9"inches tall and only weighs 106 lbs this might make sense but she is very toned and her ass is defiantly one of her best assests so to speak, I will skip any gynecological analysis but her extended masturbation on MetArt X draws real attention to to those parts in a very good way. There, also, what she does with the Ice Cream Bar even demonstrates she has a very talented tongue! What is somewhat unusual for MetArt is that she has a AA Cup breast size and apparently inverted nipples. But she sure makes them work for her. I tolded you I am writing this in advance of her set by Leonardo being posted today so...Thanks to Nick using both movies and a photo set I have counted at least three places she has tattoos. One on her upper left shoulder blade, a script one on top of her left foot, and one on the inside of her, I believe, right arm. All of which IMO would be acceptable, now, to K. However I am guessing Leonardo will get rid of them all.

Oh, in the title sequence, on screen, in Nick’s movie on MetArt X, her name is shown as Luisa! But now MetArt seems to have standardized on her being Elouisa.

I personally have added her to my list of favorites...I wish this kitten well!


beetle 1 year ago

Perfect sultry and sexy Girl.


coveruinoil 1 year ago

Elouisa can have a seat....right on my face anytime!!


Bored1 1 year ago

Lovely, slender, and epic.

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