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Man, I really don't get what all the whining and sniveling is about. So a model doesn't get completely naked, and chooses to express herself through dance. Big freaken deal. It's not the end of the friggan world. There are billions of sets on MET.

I personally find it refreshing to see a lovely young women, with obvious dance skills and athletic ability, sharing her body and demonstrating her moves. I'll even go so far as to call it...sexy.

I missed this set somehow when it first appeared, but I'm glad I discovered it. I LOVE the whole thing. Elsa reminded me of every ballerina I've lusted after over the years. She's a beautiful woman, an excellent dancer and a seductive model. Why the hell should those things be mutually exclusive? Does every set have to consist of closeups of genitalia? (Elsa's BTW are scrumptious.) The set combines grace, beauty and excellent photography. What more can you ask?

I'd have scored this set much much higher, ballet or not, pussy shots or not, if the damned fishnet had left halfway through. It was horrible and distracting. Shame, because this is one of the great bodies I come here to see.

This is sort of to whomever (if anyone) is charge and wishfully to the model as well. As I've previously commented on other sets, there are tons of site that are just "pussies and tits". So complainers have many alternatives - Sex/MetArt seems intended to (and in my opinion does) serve a slightly different purpose - still sexy/erotic, but with classic art ideas as well. As a photographer I enjoy those shoots that actually convey the person as well as eroticism/sexuality. I do however (as previously noted) really get angry when the photographers just blows it with poor framing and depth of field/focus. These girls are not innocent (they are well aware professionals) and they deserve professional presentations.
I like this set because of the model/dancer. If she could reply (here or by email in my account) that would be great. Has she professionally danced? My guess/assumption is that she was a well trained and rehearsed dancer whose body outgrew the "accepted norms" for ballet. Her moves and presentation are very well done. Her body is very well toned, particularly for a "girl" who actually matured into a woman. I was astounded when I watched the Kirov which was essentially miniature, stunned women with great form who could be lifted/thrown to incredible heights because they weighed maybe 100 lbs. The Olympics gymnast have also totally lost my interest.
A grown woman with sexual elements is far more interesting than all the "Barbie Doll" miniatures we see. Elsa (sic) is a honest grown woman with appeal and dancing abilities. Overall, the set was very nice, erotic and she continues to "arose" my interest as a man and photographer. Thanks - EJ

well, at least something different from the constant pussy closeups.

Elsa beautiful. Fishnet outfit not so much.

No comment is really necessary --

My sentiments have been thoroughly expressed -- some more delicately -- some quite rude and crass!

Very nice, she's obviously very talented as well as very hot, sexy and cute. As much as I enjoyed the set I would prefer her to be steered a way from such a theme in the future as ballet has featured very heavily in three out of four of her sets so far.

Magnificent female! The set is more "artistically creative" than it is "erotic", but a beautiful set nonetheless. Love the fishnet! Elsa has some of the truly gorgeous legs to be found here. I hope these "dancing" sets that we've gotten so many of lately don't become the 'norm' here...

They say variety is the spice of life. While I'm not against having different themes and such, to have an entire set of almost entirely one particular type of pose isn't particularly interesting, either. I like this model, I just can't get my arms around this set. Seeing the member scoring in the mid 6's as of this posting tells me I'm not the only one.

Elsa is very hot, but the set would have better with more posing on the sofa, and less of the ballet. I'm sure she's a good ballerina, but she's a great nude model too!!!

Man those ballet slippers are freakin' SEXY.

Lovely, athletic woman, and some very sexy poses. Elsa had to work pretty hard for some of these shots. Great job!

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