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Dollface! Emily is absolutely gorgeous! GREAT pictorial. Thanks. :-)

(You're not that shy, are you Emily?)

Super poses! I like her body, cute. 10!

Beautiful set, All I ask is very simple: Face the camera, lean forward, take a picture! Make sure the hair and arms are out of the way......Thanks!

A young, exceedingly beautiful, and highly attractive superstar, albeit some of the shots which don't make an aesthetic appeal, and are worthless for viewers like me, have significantly undermined the value and worth of this set.


She needs to sort those toenails out!

stunning Godess

If they had only disposed of the tummy cover...

Emily is Very pretty, specially when she skips the pants

Mooi meisje, heerlijk om naar te kijken

My only complaint after viewing these pictures is that I don't get to touch her, I don't get to taste her. C'est la vie!

I'm with you, Red!
Kinda along the lines of what I was saying about the "girl next door" look she has in this set and what a dream it would be if she really DID live next door... ( :
I'd be a lot more eager to hang around on my days off! LOL

Beautiful and cool girl which shows no shyness
with very long and educated (that do not cover her charms) beautiful hair
mischievous bodice that frames the breast

she allways is so delisious and sexy love her cant get enough shes my coke

Would love to dip my sausage in that..lol..very pretty gal:)

I like the colors of this job from Goncharov. This Emilshky (Sweet Little Emily) is really like a big Doll:-) The smile of this dream Teen is hypnotising... One Beauty to fall in love, sweeter than honey... Kisses Emily:-)

Mirror Mirror On The Wall! Who's The Fairest of Them All?


Every pose I see Ms. Bloom in is seductive. Her pictures are always breath-taking to me. Great set.

The lovely, the divine, Emily Bloom is back!
My world is a more beautiful place today. ( :


Emily, you are a remarkably beautiful woman and as cute as cute can be. Very warm regards and best wishes.

You know what I love about Emily? Yes, you guessed it.

Could it be her absolutely perfect little butt?? If Emily doesn't have the cutest most perfect ass then i dont know who does.... I love this model.

Could it be the shit crumbs on her asshole? Kinda gross. I don't see that in her other sets

Her bottom is a gift for the eyes of men all over the world.

I really like Emily's camel toe when seen. The now its here, and then its gone translucence of her skin fascinates me. She seems a bit more reserved than I have seen her in other sets, but this might be from early in her career. All in all a very nice visit, thanks Emily.

Baggy, I kinda agree with you, kinda not... this is alightly more reserved in that in this set she seems a little more the innocent, young, "girl next door" (and boy, wouldn't you love for Emily to be your neighbor?) than the full-on sex kitten she's been portrayed as lately...
That having been said, she does put it all out there, at least IMO, and I'm not at all disappointed with this set.

...that's "slightly," not "alightly"

Lồn em đẹp quá Emily ơi :))

Charming. Sweetly seductive. Sexy as hell.

Beautiful as always

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