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what a beauty .... wow

I forgot about this set and I stumbled upon it. She's absolutely gorgeous!

pic 41 to 48 make me scream. Where is your focus point?
If she puts her lady parts on display, why did you put the focus not on her eyes, or those parts, but her shoulder blades?

45 is especially bad. The whole girl is out of focus.


Ain't this a beach!!

Ain't you observant! ( ;

Opposite of the previous set, this one looks just terrible on my TV screen and fine on the laptop. I need 4 TV's on the wall. 2 horizontal, 2 vertical, and each with it's own color setting.

We get some repetition of unidirectional imagery here. For example, there is a long series of samey butt shots that never close in to do justice to what the crowd here clearly wants to see (can anyone blame us?). Fortunately, the model's face is treated better. Image 54 would be perfect if the artist had not misplaced the top of her head. It would be nice if he could find it and reattach. I assume that tops of heads are challenging to capture in a photo-shoot or to retain while editing. We see them so seldom.

The tags reflect appreciation for today's only shoe free pictorial.

She deserves better. Lame pictorial of a gorgeous woman.

CLASSIC "Cover Girl" face!

Pretty gal, not a fan of any beach set, sand in the pussy, just imagine the grit in your teeth, in your hair, in her hair, overexposed. Sorry, she's hot the beach is not.

I suspect we have another outdoor set of Erica because all 4 of her sets were shot by Matiss on the same day in nearby locations (in he first set the sea can be seen in the background).
It's my guess the area is also close to where many of Violla's sets were shot too.

IMO, Erica is one of the best models introduced by Met Art in 2013.
I actually like outdoor sets quite a bit (especially ones with a lot of color), but it would be nice to eventually see an indoor sets of Erica (where the sun isn't in her eyes requiring her to squint all the time).

Nice set Matiss!....but it would take a real screw up to make Erica look bad:)

Yeah, an indoor set of Erica would be really nice. ( :

I don't usually go for beach sets, but this is brilliant. What a pussy, and what a smile. Thanks, Erica.

A solid 10 for Erica B and Matiss this morning, great photoset.

'k, I'm not an outdoors set fan in general, nor a beach set fan in particular.
But I gotta admit this set made me want to go find a beach to play on... kudos go to Erica and Matiss both for that unexpected development.
( :

I would have to agree, outdoor sets are not really my cup of tea but this set makes me wish for Summer again.

Can you imagine going to the beach and finding Erica there with no clothes on? Hmmm, how would you approach her? She is enticing, that's for sure!

Boy oh boy; Matiss is beginning to annoy me!

(S)he insists on gratuitously cropping most models. What the he double hockey sticks is wrong with having the entire model in the picture?

Then the double edged sword of pictures shot in bright daylight. I like that the natural light shows Erica's downy hair to great advantage. It must cause poor Erica many a migraine though to suffer through squinting in so many sessions (probably on the same day too). Find the poor lady some shade!

In conclusion; Matiss is not the only one, nor the worst one, but I don't know why so many shooters obsess with exposing girly parts to grit and detritus.

Kudos to Erica for smiling through all this torture! I hope you negotiate hazardous duty pay before agreeing to work with this shooter again.

Hi K:

When I read some member comments, including my own, I wonder if met-art could clear the air or enlighten us members.

One example only: I have long complained about gratuitous cropping. Suddenly a thought came to me. Perhaps met-art, not the photographer, does the cropping that annoys me?

Do you know of a plain speak description of some of the problems photographers cope with (or ignore) which generate many of our comments or complaints?

Everyone feel free to jump in if you can enlighten me.


At first I gave this a low score because it was another sand in the crotch beach shoot and I hate those. Somehow amazingly Erica managed to keep that lovely pink jewel sand free for almost every shot. That is one of the most lovely pussies out there and for that and her talent I raised her score up to where it would be for an indoor shoot. I don't know why these photographers keep taking these girls to the beach when we complain every time. Over exposed sun bleached sand filled pussies are NOT sexy!

Hipshot, I agree with you that overexposed sun bleached sand filled pussies are not sexy...
have you ever noticed...
the girls really seem to enjoy the beach sets. ( :
I'm guessing that has something to do with their ubiquity.

Everybody likes to play in the sand box!

Here's another bright sunshine, sand-in-your teeth set featuring the beautiful Erica. I wonder what she looks like when she's not squinting in the sun. Ah well, we still have some beautiful shots of that gorgeous pussy (and the sand really isn't as bad as all that), so let's just stop complaining and salivate.

Yeh, she kept the sand away from her pussy until the very end. And I for one am glad. Her pussy is close to perfect.

swplf, I'm glad you brought up that last subject... I wasn't going to say anything, but from here, it looks like Erica is a bona-fide nominee for the PP sisterhood. ( :

What the hell is the PP sisterhood?

It's a little something that these girls cooked up to amuse themselves...lmao!


A week or two ago, one of the old regulars here in the comment forum suggested a "Perfect Pussy" club. ( :

Since then we've been making nominations. One example that sticks out in my mind is Macy B... another is Miela.

I resent being called old! LOL

MACY is either number one or at least in the very top tier. There are some others though that would make it an extremely tough contest to call. As far as I'm concerned there is no real #1 if they are good enough to get into this category they are already #1 with me! I have to say though that Macy is one of the finest all around babes on Metart. not only is she APP she is PT, PA, and APF and all the other facets of feminine beauty. Few can match her level of perfection but there are some. Another is Divina.

"Old regular," not "old, regular" LOL

You're all nuts!! Every pussy on this site is "perfect"! Point one out that ISN'T...

Hate to disagree but but there are a lot of pussies here that I consider very ugly but I sure as heck ain't naming names. I just take a quick glance and move on. Like everything else, if mother nature makes it there will be bad and good but for every bad one there will be someone that likes that particular trait. :D Ain't it great!

I don't like to concede, but when you're right, you're right, Rock. ( :

fer_realz, Erica has my vote for the PP club. Her breasts are pretty amazing too. Please give us an indoor set of this stunning woman.

I would if I could, JB... you can be sure of that! LOL
( :
In lieu of that, happy Monday!

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