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Eva Gold

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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Barnie 3 months agoLifetime member

Wow what a gorgeous package absolutely delicious what a honey sweet from head to toe


mcbinc 3 months ago

She's got one huge ugly tattoo on one of her arms. It's huge!!!!!!


Seuchensturm 2 months ago

Yes, I know. But thank God she's hiding it on MET. I like natural women. That means no tattoos, no piercings, no fake tits and without or with just light makeup. They must be young, have a cute face, a fair skin and long hair (hair color doesn't matter). I DO NOT like short hair and I DO NOT like tanned skin and tan lines are pure horror for me. So Eva meets almost all of my requirements.


Pulseight 3 weeks ago

I do not mind hair color as long as it's not fake and over done. Red is the color most seen as unprofessionally bottle-tinted.

I don't care if it's long or short. There are models here whom I swoon over with their Cupid-cut styles.

I too, love a a smooth skin tone. But I also like a healthy, tanned and toned body. And on a proportionally toned body, tan lines would send me into a frenzy of desire.

Thanks for your comments mate. They gave me pause to ponder;)

So either way you look at it, Eva is a Natural Wonder in womanhood. Let's not be sexist. In Humanity.


Pulseight 3 weeks ago

I am no great fan of ink either, but there are a couple of models here that have them. I did wonder why her right arm was always covered, or at least hidden. But she managed her predicament with professionalism, and without upsetting the balance of the image. So Good On Eva:)


gaetano maria 8 months ago

Instantly in the super stars' firmament


gaetano maria 9 months ago

Pure Gold


uuussseee 9 months ago

Sweet like a candy!

Morem more, more!


chico67 11 months ago



beetle 11 months ago

Eva Gold. A girl, as nature rarely designed it. Absolutely perfect and breathtaking.
Dark blond hair, blue eyes and an angel face.
A slim well-proportioned body.
Medium-sized firm breasts with tender bright nipples.
A beautiful round full moon, smooth and firm.
The pussy is juicy with cute little labia, which guard the pink inside. Everyone would like to open them!
The legs are long, slim with narrow ankles. And the cute feet are so sexy and pretty. I want to kiss them all day long.


Tom70 11 months ago

Eva is a great addition to MA.Hopefully we will see her many more times.

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