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Eva Tali

Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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DANGMAN2013 2 weeks ago

Wow! There is this Eva Tali girl, I think she is so exquisitely perfect. From head to toe! And I love her toes. And those gorgeous jewels people like to call eyes, look back at the viewer so enticingly begging the viewer to climb through their screen and touch and smell and experience her euphoric, erotic presence! Ok, Ok. Yeah! I am a new fan of Eva Tali! She is super star sexy!


Chris13 2 weeks ago

Absolutely stunning proportions and a beautiful angelic face - what a heavenly wonderful creature! I know EVA has shot videos for some other sites; please can we get EVA-movies on MA as well?!


Amba 4 months ago

Amazing !!!


DotardTrump 4 months ago

she's pretty, to me not that beautiful but that body is just top-notch, and elevates everything about her.


Gregor 5 months ago

Perfect little lady!


Digger 7 months ago

Besides her beautiful face, and a body that would match the best on MA, her facial expressions are so wonderfully varied. Her smile, laugh, look of surprise all expressed by her eyes and lips - PHEW. I've got me a new love, Eva Tali you have a passionate follower. Phew again.


Leslove 7 months ago

Ms. All-World body.


kilroy 8 months ago

Eva, I love your LONG LEGS! I'm a leg man for sure, but all the rest of you is just as fine. You belong here at MetArt. Thank you so much for sharing your nude beauty with us, please don't stop with one set! You should do well here, you have so much going for you. Classic beauty never gets old.


footlover 8 months ago

Yes it’s a new russian princess with perfect feet I am really excited by her soft soles and her suckable toes I love this princess


beetle 8 months ago

Eva Tali, a nice blonde Girl of the top class. Blue eyes, long blond wavy hair. A delicate face and a friendly natural smile.
Big soft breasts, ideal for massaging and kneading. Rosy delicate nipple, ideal for sucking.
A pretty fine pussy with cute lying labia. Particularly delightful are the few soft pubic hairs that only hint at the shame. Simply ingenious and ideal for plucking and licking.
The butt is firm and tight, the anus small and smooth.
Long slim legs and cute little soft feet.
Eva Tali is really top class.


doggleboon 4 months ago

Hint at the shame? WTF?


Rubycon 2 months ago

Lost in translation. Sometimes a dictionary would be of great help ...


kilroy 8 months ago

Yes sir Mr. Beetle, Everything about this lady is tops.

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