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Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Evridika

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jcpache 8 months ago

Essa menina tem um rosto tão lindo e como isso não fosse o suficiente, ainda tem o corpo perfeito,. Quero essa menina pra mim.


OntoMajorca 2 years ago

What a cutie. Girlfriend material there!


Mammoth 2 years ago

Same as Odara.


James G 2 years ago

Love the anal hair. Novel treatment.


beetle 2 years ago

I see their pictures in front of me and wonder. I am amazed by so much loveliness and beauty.
The magical blue eyes attract me and the long brown hair look so fragrant and fine. I would like to touch the hair with my hand and smell of them.
Evridika is a sensation. The breasts, which I would call small, are well formed and look soft and tender. The areoles are dark and very well bordered. They are perfect for licking around the nipple.
The finely formed butt is firm and round. So I would like to massage that moon.
The pussy looks pink and sensitive. The labia are plump, darker and breathtakingly wrinkled. Delicious.
The legs are long and the feet look fine and bright, smooth and delicate. So that I want lick them and suck at these fine fragrant toes.