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Faina Bona

Belarus Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Faina Bona

Members Comments (5)


Chris13 2 weeks ago

Incredibly sweet and loveable girl, wonderfully photographed! Hopefully we can admire this little angel in a similar video soon!


Starfire 1 month ago

Request more awesome debut.


Atom 2 months ago

What a cutie and such a nice smile. Wish I was that confident at 18. Well done girl and great first set.


beetle 2 months ago

Belarus - Wow, what a gem in your ranks.
Faina Bona is really an adorable girl. Angel face, blue eyes and blond curly hair.
Small sexy breasts, exactly my favorite size and easy to handle.
A pretty petite pussy. But when Faina spreads her legs, beautiful large perfectly folded labia are visible. Really delicious models.
A fantastic full moon and a pretty smooth round anus.
Long slim legs and cute little feet with silky soles and well-formed toes.
Everything at its finest. Happy Belarus!


Johannes BLT 2 months agoLifetime member

Fresh face, delicate and confident! Beautiful head to toe... sexy top to bottom. I especially love your eyes Faina Bona, and that wonderful, alluring "sexy face" look! Welcome Faina Bona and thank you Tora Ness