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5 foot 6 inches of perfection love her

Beautiful model- The pictures could have better quality

Flavia is perfection. I would give anything to spend a day (and a night of course!) with this woman. It would be heaven on earth. Rylsky, very nice lighting, who could ask for more?

Rylsky nailed this set! Flavia is just awesome! Great job, guys...


Flavia is perfectly beautiful, and has Rylsky to showcase that beauty, The only thing I don't understand is why she ranks so low. She surely ranks higher than a 9.2

9.25 is as high as any of the models are ranked... They need to enact some "voting rights" legislation....;o)

The one improvement to this comment section I'd like to see, if I ever return, would be to eliminate the "thumbs up/down" feature...it's grossly abused! Positive and courteous comments are routinely 'attacked' by haters too lazy to type their own opinions. I have a suggestion for what they can do with those thumbs!! And I'm sure THIS will draw lots of them out from under their rock! So have at it!!

Ditto. I have two comments for you. You are dead on. Most of time my comments are positive or I don't make them. So I seldom get "thumbs down" the I did mt rant yesterday on the Top Ten and Hall of Fame idea. I got a bunch! But as you say why? I made it clear, that my comment was STRICTLY my opinion. And I was soliciting others members input to see if I should continue my crusade. A thumbs down doesn't tell me shit. I was trying to get a feel for if I was on or off target by worrying about it. Thumbs don't help.

To you personally, I read your "rant" a couple of days ago. Yes you are opinionated. However most of your comments raise, in my opinion, valid concerns. Shouldn't that be what this comment section is all about. As far a leaving, again knowing nothing about you, I can only tell you about me. I have been a member for years here and on at least one other Met site always. When Sexart came out I dropped Erro, and the successor to Met Models. I could't justify 4 sites. I miss Erro a little, not the new Met Models. I haven't always been satisfied by Met but know I would miss it, if I dropped it. Since you comment regularly I think you would, too. Without your input, and others like you, there is little chance of "improvement". I will miss your opinions, whether I agree or not, if you do leave.

Yes, I do not understand why some people have to be so negative. How can some one disagree with such benign comments? At least we don't have the crude and nasty hateful tirates.

It's probably just a matter of time...

I agree completely rockhard and Neil. I don't understand why anyone would give a thumbs down to so many of the most benign comments???
Often a simple comment such as "This girl is stunning" will receive a couple of thumbs down's.....and what the hell for?

Why would you airbrush a beautiful girl like this? Stop ruining the perfect girls with paintshop pro!!!

please use only highest resolution to judge, all lower resolutions are done automatically and they always decrease sharpness.

Good point.

I just love Flavia. One of my favorites ever. Shot #17 just killed me (I have a kind of a fetish with calves, and I just love the way they look in this pose). Is it too much to ask to have a new set of Flavia every week? :)

Rylsky and Arkisi carry this site on the backs.

Thank you, gentlemen.

You set the standard.

I agree, but don't forget Catherine and Goncharov. If you got rid of all the models who have not been published in years and if you got rid of all the photographers who release less than one set per month, MetArt would be a very small, insignificant site.

Hi Neil-many of the models not seen here are publishing on other parts of the Met-universe.Errotica in particular has Iveta B Danae and Altea B(aka Antea) and Indiana and Pammie lee (AKA Winona and Lubatchka)

Ohhhhhhhhhh...Pammie Lee.....I LOVE HER!!!

yes, perfect model.

Is that a piece of coffee table glass that Rylsky has placed across the leather couch? Then he has Flavia laying on it, across it etc. I am excited by the danger of it but I hope (and see) that the glass is thick and tempered. Flavia is beautiful Would hate to see an accident causing severe lacerations. Take care with the props Rylsky. Please.

Flavia is beyond description, and beautifully interpreted here by Rylsky. Congratulations to both. This set is high art. Flavia's face is gorgeous, eyes striking, her skin is clear and flawless, and her genitalia and anus are works of art in themselves, actually appearing delectable.

An outstanding set of photographs. Flavia just gets more and more beautiful.

Delicious! Incredibly edibly delicious!! Nice set of pics too. The purpose of the b/w's however, escapes me...even as an old timer! ;o) Perhaps the artist will shed some light on this puzzling aspect of the work...?

Back when photography was in the darkroom b/w was special but now that its in the computer I agree it has lost its purpose. Photoshop will never replace the darkroom to me but that's what I grew up in. :)

As for the thumbs down I think your past disagreements have some people just hitting that when they see your name even if your comment is benign.

I have no doubt that 'I' get tagged just for being me...but I wasn't complaining about mine...I expect it. It's the very nice and positive comments that get thumbs down that makes me CRAZY!! (but i'll get over it...;o)

Oh....the b/w issue... At one time, I developed all my own film and did my own printing, and spent endless hours in a darkroom, but b/w holds no 'magic' for me...it's "yesterday". I asked Rylsky to explain why he throws these in every so often, but I guess he doesn't have a reason, so he hasn't responded....or he's trying to think of a reason...lol After downloading the sets, I ALWAYS delete them.

And perhaps NOT...lol

I see the haters have pulled their thumbs out of their ass and wielded them without rhyme or reason...

Flavia is as beautiful ascever and so very sexy. This is a very enjoyable set of photos. Great job Flavia.

I see the haters have pulled their thumbs out of their ass and wielded them without rhyme or reason...

Well done, Met, a fantastic day -- four winners, all absolutely gorgeous. And for me the queen of them all is luscious Flavia. What a doll, from the sweet smile at and one end to the exciting pink pucker at the other. She and Rylsky never fail to deliver. Thanks, both.

Flavia, sweetheart, you've never looked better. Nice to see you again. Abrazar means "to hug" in Spanish. I'd love to.

SAILOR...much appreciation for your translation of the Spanish. > "Muito Abrigado!"

Abrazar - Embrace! Muy cerca. Me encantaria to abrazar este hermosa mujer con fuerte pasión! (;

Embrace=hug. They're synonyms.

Y, Ella siempre viene abrir y cremosa adentro! Eso está muy bien! (-;

De acuerdo.

Flavia is one of my personal favourites. Such a sweet face.

I see the haters have pulled their thumbs out of their ass and wielded them without rhyme or reason...

the reason is to show "we are here".

I disagree... If there is actually a "reason", I think it would have to be contempt for anything positive or cheerful. The internet is crowded with "negative people". A simple 'thumbs down' is way too anonymous for people that need to be recognized or acknowledged.

Спасибо большое :)

Grey 2:
"thanks a lot"? but 4 what?

LOL Be careful what you ask...;o)

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