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sexy panty! so hot

Bright, sunny Mediterranean environment.
Beautiful and sweet Flora (Flora as the Roman goddess of flowers and fruits).
Mediterranean beauty and very little Ukrainian.
Thanks for showing us all your beauty of young woman.

Flora, her pussy's like a flower ready to open.

I agree poet.

I love women with natural boobs, like these pictures. I would rather see sagging tits than those awful phony things. And believe me, fake tits feel fake.

Amen "those awful phony things". I don't know what they feel like but I do know from experience that the LARGE ones are HEAVY!

I agree completely.

Flora, you look great today.

Really sexy mouth and a beautiful ass

I enjoyed this, Flora's second set here. The very colorful porch swing really accents the set, and Flora does seem to enjoy herself more on this one.

Is it just me, or does Flora remind anyone else of Denise Richards? Her big smile and full lips sort of remind me of the actress.

No offense to fans of Denise, but I find Flora prettier. However, I definitely see the resemblance, kilroy.

None taken, and yes I agree, Flora is prettier.

Blue eyed brunettes are great. Flora's eyebrows are the perfect compliment and magnet for her eyes. Other attribeauts (sic) are apparent too.

Lucky pineapple, lucky strawberry.

Thanks Flora and Matiss for a very pleasant visit.

K deserves a special shout-out for scheduling four beautiful ladies today. Yeay K!

Darn right about K, the unsung hero behind the scenes. ( :

I love that this felt like so much more playful a set than her first. Great job on lightening things up and making a set that was very enjoyable to view.

Another cute set after her debut with the piano. She will probably just get even better, and she already is pretty good. I did notice in both sets something. Since she is dark haired and her cuffs match the collar as they say, then in order to not have dark stubble I would get her waxed rather than shaved. Her pussy is very photogenic but the stubble does distract. Yeh, I guess I am nit picking... I sure as hell wouldn't kick her out of bed over it!

I very much doubt any of us could find a big enough fault to kick this darling out of bed over!!


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