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Foxy Salt

Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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k0ni 2 months ago

Foxy is super hot !


Gohan 3 months ago

She reminds me one of my school mates a girlfriend who looks same like her.


RodanV 4 months ago

"Beautiful, beautiful lady. Not only would I love to oil her up, and wash her up in the bath later, but to have her lying next to the Christmas tree would be a joy, What a gift!"
On her set Noveda, having her hair up put her already sexy face up by a factor of ten. Every man love's a handle.
Want to go for a bike ride?


sezsmitty 8 months ago

Cicina - the absolutly the best - totally nude all the time - Best of all time!!!


zig115 10 months ago

This girl is so amazingly hot. For me I dont think it can get any better.


theletterj 10 months ago

Nobody arches their back like this one. Fantastic.


Fercho 12 months ago

She's beautiful.


hipshot131 1 year ago

Makes me wish I had stunning18!

This little lady is a real powerhouse! Bet she is a grab of tight and hold on type lover! That body is full of promises!


Sean6161 1 year ago

Absolutely beautiful.


Templn 2 years ago

Anybody who uses the word "unscathed" in their biography has my undying admiration.


lastoftheV8s 2 years ago

She doesn't have a bio.


Verdant 10 months ago

Maybe he was just sharing.


john9876 2 years ago

Foxy Salt is a super sexy young lady!!! When she presents her "assets" there is no chance you can keep cool!!!! From the three photosets published by MET so far, "Nirada" is definitly my favorite one!!! Great job by this foxy lady and Antonio Clemens!!!!


Rebecca Cho 2 years ago

Very young, very attractive and sexy, yes. The right girl for the girl-next-door department. The right girl for a shopping tour or a pyjama party. Yet. What is to come? I want to see and I want more. What's your pleasure, Foxy? I'm not satisfied with shopping tours and pyjama partys alone. :))


Rocky46 2 years ago

Very sexy and attractive... very high pheromon ratio...


von Cotrone 2 years ago

A really gorgeous newcomer! Hope we'll see a lot more of her in the future!


_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

Plenty of films and some photosets of this sexy little dynamo on well worth checking out!


Rebecca Cho 2 years ago

But one of them got deleted? Why was that?

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