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Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Frankie

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whiskyjohn 3 weeks agoLifetime member

This amount of hair may be a minority taste these days, but we need more of it here in MetArt.


James G 8 months ago

Lovely armpit hair. More please.


RichC 9 months ago

Frankie is a lovely girl; such a beautiful bush. I haven't cum so hard in a long time!


H WU 9 months ago

Great to see the natural beauty of a beautiful woman.Frankie deserves a much higher rating.Hopefully we can see more of her with and without the bush.Too me she is one sexy natural woman.


Jaystar766 10 months ago

Frankie looks beautiful in all her natural glory. The long brown hair, matching dark bush and long arm pit hair I found to be refreshingly unique and surprisingly arousing. I also have to applaud her confidence for going against the status quo and showing off that much hair. Her confidence adds to her appeal. Keep it up Frankie!!! You are a beautiful and very arousing young lady... ;)


gaetano maria 10 months ago

Egon this set is not for me.
Beautiful girl Frankie but devastated by the hairs.
A hairiness that make her look like a monkey.
Hairiness as to be a phenomenon of circus


SouthernMaster 10 months ago

I find your reprehensible personal attacks far more disgusting than any model's grooming choices.


ergo 10 months ago

Disagree I am afraid .Love the hairy armpits and the hairy pussy.


beetle 10 months ago

A dear face, long brown hair, big warm brown eyes.
Beautiful body forms.
Tiny, delicate and for kissing inviting breasts.
Round tight butt.
Sweet hairy pussy.
Long legs and smooth tender feet.
This is Frankie - this is a beautiful girl.