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Gabriela Lea

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


Member Rating based on 465 ratings

Photos with Gabriela Lea

Members Comments (5)


spiderman101 4 hours ago

Gabriela Lea and Vanesa are for me the 2 best girls of the site in all the 2017 :))


Spargel2016 1 day ago

Movies please


solrage 4 months ago

Best debut in ages!


3rdMPhoto 4 months ago

She is the best, fantastic smile, very pretty. One of the best newcomer 's of all time. Can't wait to see some more future shoots. Thanks Gabriela !


beetle 4 months ago

Oooooooooffffff, great white, soft and well-shaped breasts. I love them! Nearly white big areoles. And really dark nipples. What a brilliant combination.
Gabriela is a really beautiful red-haired girl with smooth friendly face and brown eyes. Out of the ordinary!
And then another beautiful full pussy with perfectly folded plump labia. The butt is firm, a classic full moon with an sweet and beautifully rimmed anus.
Gabriela Lea is a real enrichment for MA.