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I enjoyed the lingerie strip. Thank you Gia B and Rylsky.

Classic exotic Eurasian face!

What a mesmerizing beauty! Nice job to the photographer and the beautiful model!

Thank you Rylsky for the best poses.

This is a great use of red colored background. Gia is pale, with black hair,so Rylsky uses a very dark red and puts blue filter on his lights to cut bleed over. You can see the blue in Gia's hair and the slight red at the very ends.Gia gets a 10+ ,Rylsky gets a 10++++

I bend and kiss that cute belly button. Gia is startled and steps back, those perfect breasts bouncing and swaying. But then she smiles like the rising sun and steps forward, arms open. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Yes, her navel is delightful... ( :

Is it just me, or is Gia getting more and more lovely each time she visits?

I think you are right – and she gains in confidence and learns to relax, she displays her quirky beauty and exquisite curves more erotically with each set. My only slight moan is that we don't have any shots of her standing up to her full elegant height, showing her sensationally shapely bum from the side or the rear. She has gradually become my favourite model.

I agree with you. Gia is a very nice pretty woman. She is not a bomb shell or a sex kitten, but she is a lovely woman, with a beautiful womanly figure and such a pleasant face. She is the kind of woman I would like to meet. If I could overcome the language barrier. She is on RylskyArt.

Gia is a jewel brunette, with a face vaguely exotic and enigmatic smile.
Gia is a darling that comes to visit us, from time to time, with our great pleasure.

This set, among those who Rylsky has proposed, is what I prefer.
I like the very simple environments that enhance to the maximum the model.
And this set is perfect.

Only a dark red velvet cloth that enhances the fair skin of Gia.
A fun bright red bikini in consonance with the background and with Gia.
A set carefully designed and built.

And then Gia prodigal of her treasures of young woman.
Even necklace, perfectly in tune, is a jewel without which the picture would have been poorer.
Ten out of ten for two.

I mean, the best of the sets that Rylsy has us proposed of this wonderful Gia.
Not of all of the sets in absolute, that Rylsky has us proposed

Gia so very beautiful. What a wonderfully appealing figure and such a pretty face. Very nice indeed!

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