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Gia C

Czech Republic Age Debut: 22


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Photos with Gia C

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jcpache 4 months ago

Pra mim, mulher tão bonita assim, era fruto da minha imaginação. E vocês do Met Art me mostraram que mulher linda como essa existe e a Gia C é prova viva. QUE LINDA ESSA MULHER !!!!!!


StAmerican 1 year ago

Gia never made a film?


Photo Shoot 4 years ago

Unfortunately, this first set is her absolute best sexy set. AND it's unfortunate that they have been dragging out her sets over the years. If Erro is retired I can't believe there aren't Photographers like Rylsky, Arkisi, Matiss, and Delta Gama lining up to make lots more sets. Gia, you are so beautiful from your luscious lips, to your breasts, to your hips , to your ass, and to your pussy although I would love to see your pussy spread and see the inner depths of your vagina. We need to see more of you sweet sexy Gia!


hipshot131 4 years ago

A delicious young woman but alas I doubt we will blessed with any fresh new sets. That is extremely sad since she is magnificent but she only has 3 sets and I tend to think that was the initial shoot and she decided it just wasn't for her.


rockhard 6 years ago

It's a real shame that we haven't seen this beautiful girl in 2 years.
I hope she returns someday soon. I fell in love and she disappeared...