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Ginger Frost

Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Ginger Frost

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sleef 2 days ago

Very beautiful and sexy. Love her sets!


Dalan10 4 months ago

beautiful figure


Umberto 8 months ago

Spectacular woman! Each set tops the one before!
If I had one wish then it would be a set of Ginger in lingerie and high heels *sigh*


10 Quest 10 months ago

Mmm, mmm! My favorite Frosting...……..


Rocketman 1 year ago

Ginger I love your expression and your hot sexual energy


Nick102 1 year ago

Seems a shame Ginger does not get those labia open.


MX338 1 year ago



EdPowersII 1 year ago

This woman makes me wish I was 20 years younger. An amazing all around beauty. Perfection at it's best. I'd love to see a video with her being interviewed before hand. If her personality equals her beauty, then this woman would be a keeper for life. Thanks for sharing your beauty Ginger and Nudero. Much appreciated.


EdPowersII 2 years ago

Sultry, seductive.... Simply stunning and gorgeous is all I can say. Love everything about this girl. Her bedroom eyes, luscious curves, beautiful thighs, that gorgeous face, and those lovely kissable lips (all of them). Simply an amazing beauty. She can Frost me with her Ginger anytime.

One also has to appreciate the great photography and poses. Gotta compliment Nudero on an awesome job. Would love to see her on MetX or Sex Art in a steamy solo scene. Keeping my fingers crossed. Have I mentioned how awesome this girl is? :)


Hipshot13XX 2 years ago

5'9" of amazing perfection! I love tall girls and Ginger has it all. Perfect breasts, delightful pussy, long lovely legs and a great butt. Sexy as hell and perfectly proportioned with a face that could launch a thousand ships! This girl gets my blood boiling with every set!


Notregde 2 years ago

Something a bit strange about photos of Ginger. IMHO, some are as spectacular as could be imagined. A few are not. Maybe it is her position or her expression, don't know. Everyone has some better angles than others. Even Ginger. Suspect Nudero knows this. As he photographs Ginger in the future the result should become better and better. Really good work for you both. Thanks.


ergo 2 years ago

It's been a long wait but well worth it .Ginger, we need to see you here every month .


Armein 3 years ago

The more I see Ginger Frost, the more I love her. She is spectacular from head to toe. But I'll admit I am completely crazy about her amazing ass.


Neurogeek 3 years ago



beetle 3 years ago

Great Girl. Absolutley gorgeous. Every part of her is sensational.


slearch 4 years ago

ginger is beautiful and sexy. She just needs to show all of her, especially the treasure between her legs.

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