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Gloria Sol

Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Erotic art expert. 4 weeks ago

Monotonous mind numbing photos and overused genitals pix is normal for Alex Lynn. MARVELLOUS talentlessness. I recommend to reject ALL his work until this camera operator gets a professional.


Jeremip 1 month ago

A vey beautiful girl but a little too soft and for me, a little too tall...


meb1917 2 months ago

Gloria Sol is definitely one of the best. HOWEVER unfortunately the most of her sets are just genitals' exhibition. I would like to watch her photos made by a professional camera man, who has a good erotic-art taste. We need photo sets that are showing woman's body beauty, not just vulgar pictures of woman's vagina and anus.


Beaming 3 months ago

Exquisite! The Best!


Nick101 6 months ago

This model is one of my favourites - beautiful, fantastic figure and always show us lots of sexy labia. Lovely.


zikay 10 months ago

She is a beautiful girl.


zone 10 months ago

Now, that's a women.


Jaystar766 1 year ago

Wow. Gloria drives me wild. She is an absolute sex goddess. When it comes to just pure male sexual arousal it doesnt get much better then Gloria....


watch 1 year ago

More of her, please !


devilevic 1 year ago

What an amazing talent this girl is!


Mitch58 2 years ago

I do agree with the members in regards to Met Art...not only do you know where to pick your models but you know how to keep us interested...I don t know if everyone agrees but yes the finest girls I saw are here and ty for bringing us that devoted pleasure...

And for you young girl Gloria Sol (pretty name also) you are absolutely gorgeous...I see big things for you in the future ( love is in the air- sort of lol )


bearcat 2 years ago

Gloria is one of the loveliest and most talented models in the Met Art spectrum. Her movies and photo sets across the Met Art network attest to this. The excellent work of photographers and movie directors have created works of art and beauty that is unsurpassed in my many years of observation. In a word, she is a goddess. And to the wonderful artists tha produce her photos and movies, please keep presenting this wonderful girl to us for our unending joy. Thank you.


Arimein 2 years ago

I adore Gloria Sol, and I like these "everyday situation" photoshoots she made with Alex Lynn : Gloria waking up in the morning, Gloria doing the laundry, Gloria eating a snack.


Five O 2 years ago

Gloria definitely has a lot a attributes to show us. This set captures more of her finer qualities compared to the previous sets. Good job Gloria and Arkisi.


tristan 2 years ago

I was just browsing the coming updates and was going meh until I saw Gloria's new one. Oh my f-ing God. It's like every set she out does the last. I literally can't wait to see it. I'm like a nerd waiting for the next Game of Thrones episode. I CAN'T WAIT!


ebbadd 2 years ago

Gloria deserves all of the praise that has been stated above. A stunning beauty.

However, this second set of photos was too tame


Yorkhesan10 2 years ago

She's amazing! Please, keep updating her section.


tristan 2 years ago

You guys continue to get more amazing girls each month. You really know where beauty lies. I've been on sites from the UK and US and MET ART is miles above anything they've ever done. You can't fault them. This girl is another reason to keep coming back.


Paulus007 2 years ago

Even by the very high standards of Met-Art, Gloria stands out. She's quite heart-stoppingly beautiful, and the fact thet she's prepared to bare all for our benefit seems like way more than we deserve. This must be my reward for being a good lad in a previous life!


Bearcatt 4 months ago

I could not have said it better. Gloria is magnificent.


hornet 2 years ago

OMG!! She looks like Jenya D and Keira Knightley together. Perfect!


Richard Cranium 2 years ago

What a beautiful girl!! Instant favorite!!


beetle 2 years ago

Sensational. A new superstar is born. Gloria is absolutely adorable. Gloria is perfect. The face, the body and the performance.
Everything from the finest


Arimein 2 years ago

Oh my God, a new angel from Ukraine. What a beauty, I could watch these pictures all day long.

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